Reasons to Travel with Us

There are many reasons why Travel Must is the best choice to deliver on your expectations.


  • Fascinating exposure to local culture: With us you will gain deep insights into the local culture by experiencing local trades, customs, art, architecture, religion, food, and music. By learning about each other’s traditions and customs we develop appreciation, mutual understanding, respect, and tolerance.
  • Experience cultural heritage: Get a feel for the rich cultural heritage, the breathtaking beauty of the countryside, diverse local arts, vivid traditions, and undiscovered gems.
  • Discover far-off lands: Our journeys leave the beaten path and enter places few outsiders ever ventured. Our unique itineraries cannot to be experienced anywhere else.
  • Exceptional access: When travelling with Travel Must, you enjoy access to special events, scientific installations, archaeological digs, and private homes. Thanks to deep-rooted relationships in each of our destinations, Travel Must travellers are welcomed and granted privileged access unavailable to most visitors.
  • Genuine interaction with locals: Our trips are all about genuine interaction between travellers and local communities. We are passionate about bringing people together and sharing experiences that enrich lives. The lives, stories, and experiences of the people you will meet make your journey so unique.


  • Unparalleled cultural knowledge of your destination: Travel Must's core strength lies in the quality of our cultural knowledge. We arrange journeys for leading research institutes, renowned universities, and demanding professionals. You can expect the same expertise and attention we offer to these challenging clients.
  • Innovative itineraries: We start where guidebooks end. As per your choice of destination, specialists reply to your questions, whether about the cultural aspects of an itinerary, the difficulty of a tour, or background information such as climate, health precautions, and formalities. A team that knows your destination perfectly will reply to your enquiries.
  • Extensive network: With our top-notch experts and a thriving network of resources all over the world, we have the privilege of offering you exceptional travel experiences. Our contacts among the peoples of our destinations make each of our unique trips a very special and exciting experience.
  • Continuous research: We constantly research new destinations and experiences that could be provided to our clients.


  • High demands: We have created and operated a diverse range of travel experiences for independent explorers as well as organisations such as the South Asia Institute and the French-German television channel ARTE.
  • Satisfied clients: We boast an extraordinary record of client satisfaction. Most of our business is repeat or referral - a clear testament to how much our clients enjoy travelling with us.


  • Travel safely: One of our top priorities at Travel Must is to make your journey secure. Wherever you venture, you will be in the best hands. Experience adventure travelling - at utmost safety.
  • 24/7 access: Enjoy 24/7 access to an expert travel specialist. Should any problems arise, we are there to resolve things efficiently and effectively - we are just a phone call or an email away. With our extensive network of on-the-ground staff, you will have support around the clock, whenever and wherever you need it.


  • First class service: Since we focus on unique experiences, we at Travel Must offer a professional level of service far beyond normal travel companies. Already before your journey we offer intensive consulting, planning, and logistical support.
  • Individual travel experiences tailored to your needs: From the initial planning stage to your return, we promise immediate and meticulous attention to your specific requirements. Rather than a pre-packaged tour we offer you an individual experience. It is your journey!
  • Service with a smile: We enjoy arranging the perfect trip - as much as you enjoy travelling with us!
  • Stress free travel: Even if a certain amount of improvisation is central to experiencing other cultures, our support allows you to focus on the areas dear to your heart, while minimising stress and risks.
  • Competitively and affordably priced: Experience the world in comfort and style, travel at ease, make unique experiences - and pay only local prices.
  • Striving for perfection: Upon your return, we ask for your feedback. We want to hear how your trip was. We always desire to learn how we can continue to improve our services.

Travel Ethic

  • Consciousness: Moving consciously through the world is the obligation of those of us fortunate enough to travel abroad.
  • Assist the locals: You actively contribute to the well-being of the communities that you are visiting. We help foster local community pride in, and protection of, their cultural and natural heritage.
  • Conservation: We are highly committed to respecting the natural environment and we partner with local NGOs to create unique itineraries with a conservation focus. When our travellers chance upon a Red Panda in the Himalayas or witness the hatching of sea turtles, they have improved the chances of preserving their habitat by providing a realistic economic alternative to exploiting local natural resources.

Learn More

We invite you to learn more about Our Travel Philosophy and Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel.

What Our Clients Say

The organisation was perfect. The trip was completely arranged, we had beautiful hotels, the driver was nice and the car was very comfortable. We never travelled this way before but in India because we realised it is necessary.

•    Cecile Raison (Lyon, France)