Our Travel Philosophy

Our philosophy of travel is very unique: educative, interactive, participative, and sustainable.


We believe that travel can educate about and engender respect for other cultures as well as provide a solid basis for empowerment and conservation. Leaving your familiar surroundings to travel abroad can profoundly affect your personal growth. You will be enriched by a deeper understanding of places, peoples, and cultures, and at the same time develop new perspectives on your own life. Travel Must's scholarly depth allows us to bring the planet's immense diversity to life for you. We seek out the source of a community’s culture to understand its context and value, and share it with you. Our journeys are set to sharpen your senses!


No matter how breathtaking a destination's natural beauty or how fabulous the food, the most memorable travel experiences often come from connections made with people along the journey. Travel Must facilitates honest and meaningful exchange between travellers and local communities. It is not about how far you venture in your journey, it is about how deep you enter the lives of your hosts. Our clients are welcomed into private homes, attend fascinating ceremonies, and gain invaluable insights into ancient, complex cultures often unknown and inaccessible to outsiders. Natural and relaxed interaction with locals in educational, real life settings results in mutual respect and understanding, often leading to lasting friendships. Share a different way of life!


We believe that to truly understand a culture it is key not to be merely an observer. We must be as much of a participant within that culture as possible. Travelling with Travel Must means participating in a culture. Join the locals in visiting their most revered places and their most closely guarded secrets.  Travel deeper - enter into the cultural heart of each region by learning about and participating in the rich traditions that make each of our destinations so vibrant. With Travel Must you do not just pass through a place - you get into it!


We integrate comfortably with our surroundings without disturbing the natural and social environment. We invite you to join our celebration of earth’s diverse heritage! Please learn more about Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel.