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We venture to remote areas and craft opportunities for active participation and involvement. This can be just as challenging as it is rewarding. Respect toward the people you meet and the environment are basic prerequisites for travelling with Travel Must. We also generally require that travellers below the age of 18 are accompanied by a legal guardian.

While many of our trips are not physically demanding, you should still be in good health for many of the activities that we recommend on our journeys. Due to higher than normal physical requirements and due to remote locations and arduous transport situation, some journeys require you to be in excellent physical shape. If you have any doubts concerning health requirements, please contact us for more information and consult your doctor.

It is also very important for your own health and safety that you inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions before travelling. In the event of a medical emergency while travelling, the information you provide us in advance can be crucial.

What Our Clients Say

Searching for a travel package that would take my family and me beyond the trodden paths I came across Knowledge Must's homepage. I contacted them and they closely listened to our wishes and together with them we planned a tour (first Rajasthan then the Himalayas) exactly catered to what interested us. The 3 weeks tour that followed was perfectly planned, the hotels and guesthouses were excellent value for money, our guides were friendly and never took us to "see just this shop". Genuine thanks!

•    Piet Timmermans (Durban, South Africa)