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Travel China

China is a country of epic proportions. From the wide open and empty panoramas of Tibet to the push and shove of Shanghai, from green paddy fields in the misty hills of the southwest to the scorched vistas of the Central Asian Silk Road, from the spicy dishes of Sichuan to the steaming dumplings of Manchuria - China has got it all.

China also is a multi-ethnic country. Be it Mongols, Tai or Turkic groups, the diversity of China is stunning. Curator of the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, China will have you bumping into history at every turn. The country has played a central role in the annals of East Asia. Over the last two millennia, China's neighbours such as Japan, Korea, and Vietnam have adopted many aspects of Chinese language, traditions, religion, science and technology.

China is undergoing a huge commercial and creative upheaval. Some of the world’s most up-to-the-minute cities propel the land on with forward-thinking dynamism. Animated by a sense of pride, the Chinese are revelling in their country’s ascendency. Whatever the reasons you are attracted to China, the sheer pace of change, visible in every part of Chinese life, will ensure that your trip is a unique one.

While travel around the country itself is seldom problematic, it would be wrong to pretend that it is an entirely easy matter to penetrate modern China. Travel Must offers you the opportunity to experience the diversity and intricacies of Chinese culture. A journey through this colossus of a country guarantees mesmerising encounters with the most populous people on earth.

We invite you to engage China with our support. Get to know the Chinese!

What Our Clients Say

We would like to thank you for the gorgeous journey through Rajasthan end of 2008 that you perfectly prepared and executed. Especially impressive were the impressions and experiences that we gained through the German-Hindi speaking travel guide. Many thanks and all the best for the future of Travel Must.

•    Reinhard Braun (Worms, Germany)