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Types of Travel

Travel Must specialises in value-added travel services, individual journeys, and small group trips aimed at immersive experiences. We are committed to sharing the cultural wealth of our planet, developing and organising unique, authentic, and fully-customised journeys. Our clients, mostly repeat travellers and referrals, can choose between fully individualised trips, frequent group journeys, and specialty travel services.

Individual Trips

With Travel Must, you will travel not as an observer but as an active participant, with limitless opportunities to experience natural wonders, to visit historic sites, and to meet local communities and share in their traditions. Discover your destination's culture, from ancient to modern, from the fine arts to contemporary lifestyles, from solemn religious ceremonies to gaudy celebrations of festivals. Inspiring, interesting, and fun, our individual trips might change the way you travel in the future.

Group Travel

In case you would prefer to travel with others, we also frequently offer group journeys. Our small group sizes still enable you to go into off-the-beaten-track places and enjoy intimate encounters with locals to foster a genuine cultural exchange. Our group tours are ideal for people who enjoy the company of likeminded travellers while exploring a region in depth. As a community of people with common interests you discover new worlds and share unique, touching experiences. Along with a sense of camaraderie that naturally develops on our journeys, many new friendships evolve.

Specialty Travel

Travel Must also offers a range of specialty travel services for professionals and organisations. Whether you or your organisation need support for planning and executing business trips or you would like to take your staff to remote jungles to engage in team-building exercises, we take care of the logistics. Your international growth and the increasing number of international project assignments require pre-travel advice and travel support. To offer optimal care and coverage for travel, we support you in insurance, medical, and security matters. We can also organise exploratory visits and arrange meetings with suitable conversation partners in your field of activity.

What Our Clients Say

I loved every part of it. I learned so much about myself and about the Indian culture and history. This is something I probably wouldn't have learned had I just been travelling around by myself.

•    Jay Balakrishnan (Toronto, Canada)