Intercultural Training for Individuals

Whenever we arrive at a new place and experience another culture we have to face a different legal, political, and social environment. Understanding the cultural differences lays the foundation for you to successfully cross cultural boundaries. You should constantly investigate and question your own and other's cultural positioning. At Training Must we aim to inspire and motivate people to explore and understand their own worldview and mindset, and see these in contrast to how others operate.

Our Intercultural Training is a highly interactive experience that develops the skills, knowledge, and personal attributes for succeeding in working with colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers of other cultural backgrounds. First and foremost, for improving your intercultural skills and competencies you have to understand your own culture and how it influences you. Based on this understanding, you will be able to grasp where other cultures are situated. You will learn to identify and understand cultural differences, and will thus be empowered to identify common ground when meeting people of other cultures.

In close collaboration with us you will develop your strategic options to manage these cultural differences proactively, which in overall will make you more confident and effective when working across cultures. With our training support you will take the upcoming challenges as a rewarding experience from which you will grow.

There is no set formula to our Intercultural Trainings as we do not provide off-the-shelf trainings. All our trainings are completely customised to suit your individual needs and objectives. Some of the aspects we can integrate in your training solution are:

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Intercultural Sensitivity
  • Cultural Values and Attitudes
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Intercultural Etiquette
  • Studying across Cultures
  • Working across Cultures
  • Intercultural Negotiation

Please enquire with us about how our Intercultural Training will deepen your intercultural skills and competencies.