Intercultural Training

Most failures of people or organisations crossing their cultural boundaries are due to individuals being ill-prepared for intercultural challenges. Nobody is born with intercultural competence - one has to make an effort to learn it. We have to learn to see the world from a greater perspective than our own narrow reality.

Many organisations that cross their cultural boundaries fail to achieve the original objective of their venture and most of their staff complain about a lack of cultural preparation for their posting. In turn, local stakeholders frequently complain about the lack of cultural sensitivity on parts of their foreign partners.

When working with or in another culture many problems ensue, among them:

  • Incomprehension between different cultures
  • Ineffective communication flows
  • Difficulty understanding the speech and acts of hosts
  • Difficulty adapting in occupational and personal terms
  • Excessive costs due to "trial and error" method
  • Imbalanced life

Training Must minimises the risk of these problems occurring by properly equipping people with the tools that will help them to cross their cultural boundaries. Our Intercultural Trainings support clients in developing personal and professional strategies for achieving greater effectiveness and satisfaction when working across cultural boundaries.

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What Our Clients Say

The course addressed differences between my native culture and Indian culture head on, which I feel is essential for making the most out of my stay here. Without your guidance I might still spend my weekends alone at home wondering what I am doing here.

•    Steffen Joritz (Viernheim, Germany)