Platform for Trainers

Training Must provides a Platform for Trainers who teach unique cultural skills, be they as specific as cooking and yoga or more broad as intercultural awareness and diversity training. Our approach aims to generate opportunities for people from all over the world to learn and practice skills of other cultures.

Rather than offering isolated opportunities we develop close relationships with our trainers. We provide comprehensive support to all our trainers to ensure that their valuable time is kept free to focus on the matters that are dear to their heart. Being part of our network provides a bridge for further professional development and wider international experience.

We are always eager to get to know new trainers and learn about unique training opportunities that can be offered to people of other cultures. We invite trainers of all backgrounds to get in touch with us to gauge cooperation possibilities. What we expect from our trainers is a very open-minded attitude, a curiosity to teach people of other cultural backgrounds, and an enthusiasm to match their outstanding skills.

If you are interested, please write to trainers(at) or fill out our contact form.