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Types of Training

Training Must provides trainings aimed at sharing cultural activities and facilitating working across cultural boundaries for individuals as well as organisations. Our specialised trainings broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills in diverse areas. They equip you with valuable experience and practical knowledge which will help to expand your understanding of other cultures. Building upon your existing capabilities, we tailor your training solution to complement and advance your individual skill set. With our support you will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude for increasing your intercultural effectiveness.

We identify and enlist the most suitable trainers to your individual challenge and conduct the trainings in a stimulating and authentic environment for creative learning. At Training Must, we draw on our global network of internal and external expertise to bring together the right minds for the right solutions. Our trainers help you find the best solutions to your intercultural problems, employing their knowledge of cultural systems and culture-specific behaviour.

We provide two types of training: process-oriented training, which enhances intercultural competence in general, and culture-specific training, which prepares for working in or with a specific culture. Training Must offers you solutions for all your cultural puzzles!

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What Our Clients Say

I was sent to New Delhi to build up a network of suppliers for my company, and before I came I highly doubted the use of the "Cultural Awareness Training" that my company had arranged for me after my arrival. But from the moment that I had been out in the field and talking to potential partners, I suddenly realized that it did actually help me a lot in understanding local business culture and also the people in general much better.

•    Jozef Kucharski, KMS Polska (Warsaw, Poland)