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Our Methodologies

Training Must offers a wide range of comprehensive training solutions, covering a vast variety of skills, sectors, and cultures, and suited to many different audiences and learning styles. That is why it is so important that all our courses are designed specifically for each individual client. After coming to us with your request our team of intercultural experts will analyse your demands, identify your core needs, and tailor your training programme accordingly. Our Pre-Training Needs Analysis provide us insight into the areas that require addressing during training. We acquire this understanding with a mix of quantitative and qualitative assessment instruments such as scenario-based assessments. Based on a thorough understanding of your training needs and objectives we design our training solutions in close collaboration with the client, thus ensuring that they are 100% relevant to client needs.

Depending on needs, time available, and individual preferences, a variety of training modules can be utilised. However, our customisation goes far deeper than choosing from a range of modules to include in your training programme. We ensure that the training modules are adapted to your personal background, your particular fields of interest, and your style of learning. We weave our varied training modules into a cohesive and comprehensive customised training solution suited to achieve your individual objectives.

We use a wide selection of exercises and teaching tools, such as simulations, discussions, question and answer sessions, role-plays, case studies, and audio-visual support in our trainings to ensure that participants learn in the most effective way. A high degree of involvement by the participants lies at the very heart of each training. Experiential learning activities will encourage you to draw on your own experience, frame it in a new way, add layers of knowledge, and apply that learning in your work and personal life.

All our trainings are administered by specialists with intricate cultural knowledge as well as experience of teaching to diverse audiences. They blend academic theories of culture, awareness raising exercises, and real-life experience to create a holistic yet practical framework for maximising the intercultural effectiveness of our clients. Our trainers constantly strive to maintain the fine balance between support and self-sufficiency.

Sustainability of our trainings is key to us. That is why our trainings generally end with recommendations for the best follow-up methods and an action plan giving you an opportunity to continue building up your specific skills. It was Charles Darwin who first recognised that it is not the strongest of a species that survive, nor the most intelligent or the healthiest, but the ones that are best adapted to their environment and most responsive to change. With our support you will keep on top of developments.

Only the curious learn and only the resolute achieve their learning objectives. To succeed in today's globalising world, you must have the will and tenacity to prepare for newly emerging challenges. At Training Must we turn cultural challenges into opportunities!