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Welcome to Knowledge Must's press section. Here you will find key information on our organisation at a glance, a selection of media clippings, and a complete electronic press kit for your convenience. To stay abreast of new developments at Knowledge Must, please also subscribe to our email newsletter.
Press enquiries can be directly addressed to our Managing Director Mr. Peter Braun, who is based at Knowledge Must’s New Delhi office.
Mr. Peter Braun – Managing Director
Phone: +91-(0)9810990766
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Knowledge Must assists students, professionals, and organisations to successfully cross cultural boundaries, mainly between East Asia, South Asia, and the Western world. The organisation has five divisions: Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must. Starting with career counselling, they provide study and work experience, language immersion, culture-specific and process-oriented training, individualised travel arrangements, and intercultural events, in order to fully equip people to work more effectively across a multitude of cultures.

Career Must assists clients to build an international career and provides them with the best in intercultural Human Resources solutions. Services include: Career Counselling, Job/Internship/Volunteer Placements, Study Abroad, Locating, Assessing, and Developing Talent. Motto: Unlock Your Potential!

Language Must offers a wide range of language courses that equip clients with the tools to effectively communicate with people from other cultures. Languages taught include: Chinese, German, Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu). Motto: Express Yourself!

Training Must conducts a range of flexible and effective intercultural trainings that are both practice-oriented and tailored to each specific cultural challenge. Trainings include: Intercultural, Diversity, Relocation, Vocational, and Target Culture Training. Motto: Develop Your Skills!

Travel Must delivers the most outstanding intercultural travel experiences. Services include: Travel Planning and Consulting,Tailor-Made Tours to China, Germany, and India. Motto: Broaden Your Horizons!

Culture Must makes people experience the Arts and Beyond. Services include: Cultural Counsulting, Designing and Executing Events, Artist Platform, Immersion Activities, Sound Tamasha. Motto: Embrace Diversity!

Combining the expertise of the five divisions Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must into Integrated Solutions, Knowledge Must delivers truly comprehensive services for crossing cultural boundaries. Integrated Solutions include: Cultural Immersion, Relocation Plus, Intercultural Research, Consulting, Implementation, and Facilitation. Unravel the World!

Mission and Objectives

  • Knowledge Must’s core Mission is to advance intercultural understanding
  • Knowledge Must functions as an essential intercultural network, providing distinctive intercultural services of the highest quality, reliability, and objectivity
  • Knowledge Must inspires, challenges, and educates individuals and organisations to successfully engage other cultures and assists clients to maximise their intercultural potential with path-breaking, innovative solutions

Company Background

In the wake of increasingly intense exchange across cultural boundaries and the corresponding rise in demand for comprehensive intercultural solutions, a group of Canadian, Chinese, German, and Indian professionals came together to form a unique platform for assisting others in their intercultural endeavours.

Knowledge Must's journey has been marked by many milestones. It all began when two culture-savvy professionals, Peter Braun and Daniel Ratheiser, who spent most of their adult life studying the intricacies of the diverse Indian cultures, came up with simple yet effective tools to help their peers to quickly adjust to the bewildering country that is India. Soon other experts with extensive backgrounds in language teaching, tourism, intercultural communication, academics, IT, business, and international economics joined the informal group.

The name of the organisation "Knowledge Must" takes its origin from playing with the homophone "must" in Hindustani and English languages. The Hindustani word "must" means passionate, exhilarated, or delighted. Coupled with the English word "must", in the sense of to be compelled or required, this word play describes the ideal approach to knowledge acquisition. When one does something being delighted and with passion, and does it because the environment demands it, learning is at its most effective. In a nutshell, Knowledge Must believes that the best incentive systems for effective knowledge acquisition are based on a combination of fun and need.

Facts and Figures

  • Company was founded in 2007
  • Managing Directors:
    • Mr. Peter Braun
    • Mr. Daniel Ratheiser
  • Number of employees: 16 (excluding the hundreds of independent expert facilitators, guides, trainers, teachers, and consultants around the world that partner with Knowledge Must)
  • Office Locations:
    • New Delhi, India
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Opening soon in China

Clients and Partners

Knowledge Must serves and collaborates with many outstanding individuals and prestigious organisations from the civic, governmental, and business worlds. Among Knowledge Must’s esteemed clients and partners count: University of Heidelberg – Sout Asia Institute, ARD, ARTE, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Centre for Science and Environment, Chinh, Citibank, Confederation of Indian Industries, German Embassy New Delhi, Hindustan Times, ITC-Welcomgroup, Sharda Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendra, Sulabh International, World Bank, Taj Hotels, Global Groove, Max Mueller Bhavan, Japan Foundation, Berlin Music Commission, German Embassy in New Delhi, Farbwerte, Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, and GTZ.

Here we present you a selection of media clippings of past press coverage on Knowledge Must (in English, German, and Japanese languages). To view larger versions of the media clippings directly on your screen please click on the pictures. To download the media clippings in PDF format click on the download links below the pictures.

Einstieg abi (GER) / November 2010
Download (PDF / 3.1MB)

Berliner Morgenpost (GER) / 30.07.2010
Download (PDF / 0.9MB)

Wormser Zeitung (GER) / 25.04.2009
Download (PDF / 1.2MB)

Sleek Magazine (GER) / Spring 2010
Download (PDF / 0.2MB)

Deccan Chronicle (IND) / 03.07.2010
Download (PDF / 57KB)

Rolling Stone (IND) / November 2010
Download (PDF / 2.2MB)

Big M Magazine (IND) / April 2010
Download (PDF / 2.9MB)

Posivision (JAP) / October 2009
Download (PDF / 0.4MB)

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