Why Learn a Language with Us

Our language trainings are unique. At the core of our language programmes always lies the ambition to provide the quickest and most effective way to learn another language. We customise our language training to help you achieve your professional and personal language goals. The essential ingredient of Language Must’s services is the fun factor coupled with tangible experiences of success.

Learning languages always entails loads of work, but we ensure that your language learning will be as efficient and pleasant as possible. Starting from day one, Language Must prepares you for the wonderful challenges, cultural peculiarities, and unexpected moments in your destination culture. Bargaining for the right price, communicating with colleagues, or adequately thanking your hosts, we teach you the language you need in your life!

People want to know what you have to tell. With our support you will be able to express yourself in all situations occurring in everyday life. You will learn practical language focussing on completely relevant subjects to your specific situation. Regardless of the point at which you stop, we will give you a valuable, fun time learning languages. Please forget whatever negative experience with language learning you had so far and get in touch with us to get a free trial. If you are not satisfied, you can just walk away. However, chances are you will come back like most others before you.

There are many good reasons why you should learn a language with us!

Language Must follows a very systematic approach to language teaching. Our highly qualified language professionals ensure that your language needs are met, whether learning a new language or expanding upon one you know.

Many of our clients are busy professionals who come to us after work and have only limited time at hands to learn a language. That is why we put emphasis on making the most of your time with us and teach you as much useful language as possible. Intensive learning, shortcuts, latest methodologies, and individualised focus make for fast progress.

We do not just teach you language, we make you experience it. Whether it is role plays, field visits, or excursions, opportunities for experiential learning abound. With Language Must the world turns into your own private campus!

Best modules
A unique aspect of our language trainings are own developed modules that combine language teaching with cultural knowledge to a big coherent whole. We strive to exclusively teach language in the context of real life situations.

Most authentic cultural content
Authentic cultural input is ingeniously integrated into our language curriculum. You will gain deep insights into the culture of the countries whose language you are learning.

Most qualified trainers
You will be taught by experienced, highly qualified professionals, using course materials tailored to your needs in small, interactive classes of four to maximum eight participants and one-to-one training sessions. All of our trainers are lively, enthusiastic, multilingual, and native fluent teachers. They come from a diverse range of professions, ethnic groups, and religious communities.

Fully flexible classes in terms of location and timing
Whether you want courses at your residence, in our classrooms, in a monastery, or elsewhere, you choose the place, you choose the time - we give you full flexibility!

We want you to have a positive experience when you are learning a language. Enjoy it!  If that is all you want to do, that is perfectly fine. You may not have become a fluent speaker, but you will have learnt a lot about a new language and a new culture. With Language Must learning a language never will be boring. Fascinating cultural insights and fun, interactive classes in a relaxed and friendly ambiance are characteristic of our trainings.

Most advanced teaching methods
We use the latest study materials and interdisciplinary approaches in our language trainings. Our own developed learning materials are coupled with the best available materials in the market. We invite you to learn more about Language Must's Methodologies.

What Our Clients Say

I had a great time with all of you! I came not knowing any Hindi and left feeling that I have the foundations now, which is a lot more than I thought possible to learn in six weeks. As my friend Dirk remarked: "With English you might get over India, but you will not get into it!"

•    Per Aslund (Malmo, Sweden)