Our Language Courses

Language Must offers a comprehensive range of individual and group courses. Our introductory courses approach your target language gently but in a comprehensive manner. At the end of the course you will be able to ask and respond to simple questions, get by in a wide range of everyday situations, and acquire a feel for the sounds, vocabulary, and structures of the language.

You complete one of our levels over one course.  If you feel confident enough, you will go on to the next level when you start your second course, gradually working your way towards clearly defined goals. As you progress through the levels you will develop a deep understanding of the structures of the language and continuously expand the range of situations you are able to handle. At the end of each course we issue certificates describing your individual language capabilities.

Whatever your objective, vocational focus or just colloquial fluency, we shape our language training programmes depending on your requirements. We consult with you to identify your needs and to gear the course accordingly.  Some people, for example, only need to develop speaking skills; others might just need to read reports or papers in a particular language. Whatever your goals and targets, we do our best to ensure that you achieve them as effectively and as economically as possible.

Our Language Courses go far beyond the classical methods of instruction. Our innovative trainings teach you the expressions for your chosen destination. Based on customised course materials, we ensure that you focus on the core areas of your interest. We also provide materials for optional, extra study between classes. And of course, all our language programmes feature the proven Language Must Methodology!

We have the following range of language classes available for our individual clients:

  • Regular
  • Fast-Track
  • One-to-One
  • Specialised
  • Language Camps


Our Regular Classes are conducted in groups of four to maximum eight people, which ensures each learner has the opportunity to speak and interact with the group, in addition to receiving an optimal amount of individual attention. Participants enjoy a variety of lively activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The standard frequency for our regular language courses is twice a week for two hours each. Besides being more economical, some learners find it more convenient and more enjoyable to learn in group settings. Fellow students working towards the same goal provide motivation, flexibility, and support.


Our Fast-Track Classes are geared for learners with an increased urgency to achieve fluency in their target language. Groups are of a size of four to maximum eight people allowing for very interactive and intensive language training. Fast-Track Classes are heavily supplemented by home study materials and are best suited for faster-paced learning. They also provide an option for jumping over levels in our Regular Classes.


Our One-to-One Classes provide the kind of teaching perfectly tailored to your individual needs, be it in terms of methodology, timing, location, or pace. One-to-One Classes are conducted either at our centre or at a location that suits you. Individual timings are highly flexible, thus making it suitable for individuals with tight and often changing schedules. If you have the desire to learn a language in the company of people with whom you feel most comfortable with, we also offer two-to-one or three-to-one training. Colleagues, friends, or family members, as long as every member of the group has similar needs, everybody will benefit from perfectly tailored classes.


Our Specialised Classes are designed to satisfy specific training requirements. That is why we develop the complete course syllabus individually to answer the particular needs of the client. Specialised Classes are fully scalable, from one employee to an entire organisation. We can conduct classes in our premises or at a location of our client's choosing. Language Must also arranges for our language trainers to accompany clients to the market, local offices, and bureaus providing a unique opportunity for real-life training. As an additional choice for authentic and focused communication, we establish direct interactions with local counterparts in a related field or position. It is also possible for us to organise visits to workplaces and offices.

Language Camps

We also organise Language Camps for our clients, where full-language immersion can be achieved more efficiently in a more focused setting. Comprehension and confidence are enhanced by sharing cultural space with host communities. Our language camps are held in a range of different locations, but common to them is a strongly rooted cultural scene and a relaxed environment most conducive to language learning.


If you have some knowledge of a language already, please contact us so we can discuss which type of course at which level would best suit you. For both beginners and people at higher levels, we continuously have new courses beginning. Enquire with us to find out about availability and timings. Please also enquire if you are interested in our One-to-One and Specialised Classes as well as our Language Camps.