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Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis is a way of gathering the information we need to tailor your best suited individual language training programme. It tells us about the skills and subject areas you would like to cover on your course, your learning approaches and styles, the best suited trainer as well as your particular learning objectives.

Based on the diagnostic test that is given to participants, we customise a curriculum suited to each learner’s level, identifying areas that would profit from improvement and addressing the particular difficulties participants come across when communicating in the target language. If you have specialised requirements or need to make progress quickly or maybe just demand that little bit more personal attention, we will develop a course that specifically meets your needs.

Language Must also conducts language audits for organisations. To effectively operate across cultural boundaries, organisations need to assess, manage, and optimise the linguistic capabilities of their personnel. It is obviously important that staff operating in different linguistic environments have the language skills they need in order to work there effectively. But standard examinations often fail to measure the kind of practical skills which employees require – speaking on the phone, writing e-mails, or discussing with colleagues.

A language audit will help you to define and assess your organisation's language competency requirements, so that you can understand and manage the language capabilities in your organisation. Career Must's language audits reveal clearly where employees are situated regarding their abilities to speak, read, listen, and write, as well as what areas should be improved and how. Our scheduling, administration, and reporting procedures are convenient and highly efficient. Results arrive quickly to help you make informed decisions.