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Knowledge Must's journey has been marked by many milestones. It all began when two culture-savvy professionals, Peter Braun and Daniel Ratheiser, who spent most of their adult life studying the intricacies of the diverse Indian cultures, came up with simple yet effective tools to help their peers to quickly adjust to the bewildering country that is India. They soon extended their idea to China and other experts with extensive backgrounds in language teaching, tourism, intercultural communication, academics, IT, business, and international economics joined the informal group.

Initially, they started to offer their services to friends, whenever they could free up their time from earlier professional careers. Their friends then brought in more friends and soon they were spending most of their free time assisting people to cross cultural boundaries. Due to the extremely positive feedback they received, and being inspired by the famous quote of Victor Hugo that "there is nothing in the world as powerful as an idea whose time has come", they decided to found a company, seeking to build bridges across cultural boundaries for students, professionals, and organisations, and named it Knowledge Must.

The name of our company "Knowledge Must" takes its origin from playing with the homophone "must" in Hindustani and English languages. The Hindustani word "must" means passionate, exhilarated, or delighted. Coupled with the English word "must", in the sense of to be compelled or required, this word play describes our approach to knowledge acquisition. When one does something being delighted and with passion, and does it because the environment demands it, learning is at its most effective. In a nutshell, we believe that the best incentive systems for effective knowledge acquisition are based on a combination of fun and need.

As our clients spread the word of the value of our services, Knowledge Must expanded to meet the growing demand. The Knowledge Must brand has since developed to become highly respected among students, professionals and organisations alike. We invite you to join us looking ahead at the future of Knowledge Must.