Our Social Business

Knowledge Must is a social business with no political or religious affiliations. We apply business means to philanthropic ends. In light of the complexities caused by globalisation, we believe global society deserves, and desperately needs, organisations that facilitate working across cultures. Because culture is a key source for conflicts in the world, our work contributing to intercultural understanding leads directly to more harmonious inter-community relations. Through our work we especially want to contribute to the exchange of people from India and China with the rest of the world.

Social Business

Our social business was established to promote intercultural understanding through experiential education and thus contribute to a peaceful and sustainable globalisation process. We innovatively and pragmatically contribute to cultural exchange and offer a platform for like-minded people and organisations who want to make a difference in the world.

Since India and China are not only by far the most populous countries in the world, but also account for much of the cultural diversity on our planet, we focus our contributions on these two countries and the surrounding regions. India and China are among the most traditional and at the same time most rapidly changing countries. The way these two countries will interact with each other and the rest of the world will impact intercultural relations around the globe beyond comparison.

Cultural differences influence every interaction between two individuals. Bridging these differences and creating synergy across cultures is an essential skill in business, education, leisure, and life. Our intercultural work becomes even more important in a time when other cultures are only a click away on the Internet from your home.

We realise the enormous synergies and benefits when business principles are unified with social objectives. We consciously made the decision to set up our organisation as a social business. This gives us more flexibility to achieve our social aims and the best opportunities for guaranteeing the economic viability and sustainability of our project, rather than depending solely on grants and donors.

Our profits allow us to generate surplus for expanding our reach and service offerings, undertaking research and spreading the knowledge, helping people in need, offering free resources such as our guidebooks, and in general for constantly improving upon the quality of our work. Our social business is designed and operated in a way as to pass on all the benefits to our clients in India, China, and elsewhere. We measure the success of our work by its impact on people, rather than by the amount of profit we generate.

Our Social Projects

Knowledge Must has been instrumental in building bridges and fostering intercultural understanding between diverse communities. An integral part of our values is to give back to the communities we work in. We are helping to empower and educate them and furthering positive change with respect for the dignity of their traditions.

Knowledge Must itself is a community made up of various people from various nations with various backgrounds and outlooks. As a social business, we are also a part of many communities, namely the societies we work in. And we take our community relationships every bit as seriously as our client relationships, going the extra mile to ensure that our work makes a real difference.

We provide direct financial support, pro-bono services, and thought leadership across diverse issues. We believe that we can do best when we combine our expertise and skills in a common venture. This is why we use the specific skills of our professionals to provide services to other organisations with social objectives compatible with our own. We have thus contributed to creating awareness on HIV/AIDS in India, in addition to actively supporting interfaith dialogue and raising general education levels.

Because we increase our impact by focusing on a few dedicated fields of operation, we have developed a strategic approach to further our social objectives:

  • We are committed to intercultural exchange
  • We stand up for values and support diversity
  • We focus on educating people

We are proud that our staff, partners, clients, and other stakeholders are willing to give so readily of their time and resources for our social objectives. Our people get personal fulfilment through delivering results and helping people who need assistance. This same motivation drives them to contribute their time and skills to community work. By soliciting our services, clients contribute to the local communities Knowledge Must is active in. Through financial support, the pro-bono work of our staff, and the generous service donations of professionals, we conceive and implement social projects with very low overhead costs.

Our Creative Commons

The "Global Commons" is the set of natural resources, public spaces, cultural traditions, and other essentials of life and society that should be enjoyed by all people and cherished for all our well-being. In this "Information Age" a re-thinking of the role of "Global Commons" is taking place. Information technology revolutionised the way ideas and knowledge are flowing. It has done away with many of the geographic and technological barriers to sharing. This, in turn, has led to a revolution in the way that knowledge and culture are created, accessed, and transformed.

Being human means being part of a shared culture. Not being able to share that culture with others would inhibit diversity. Sharing stimulates improvement and participation, while preventing unnecessary work and maximising efficiency. At Knowledge Must, we expressively share our expert knowledge for stimulating diversity and contributing to the common good. We actively want to participate in maximising social creativity and learning for the sake of everybody's well-being. That is why we use Creative Commons licenses, copyright licenses that allow the distribution of copyrighted works.

If you are interested in all our items that we have licensed under Creative Commons licenses (such as our guide books for doing internships, volunteering, working, and studying in India and China), kindly have a look at: https://creativecommons.net/KnowledgeMust.


We fulfil our social obligations in numerous projects and initiatives designed to foster exchange across cultural boundaries and contribute to a world based on inclusion and mutual respect. Also many of our clients are pragmatic idealists seeking to make the world a better place. They transport their knowledge and know-how to other cultures, and we identify opportunities to help them maximise the impact of their work.

We actively seek out collaborations with others pursuing common or complementary objectives. Our initiatives include knowledge-sharing activities, co-hosting conferences, advising colleagues and peers, and community work.

When considering whether we will offer our active support, we especially consider the following criteria:

  • Social impact: How significant is the issue for society and what is the project's potential to influence significant outcomes through its work?
  • Knowledge generation: Will the engagement lead to learning and insights that will be relevant to society?
  • Sustainability: Will the outcomes be sustainable?

Get in touch with us to find out how we can be of help to further your social objectives.

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