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Complex challenges require intelligent and comprehensive solutions. Whether you are going to China to pursue an international career, exploring the intricacies of Indian cultures, or looking to market your products to multi-cultural communities, Knowledge Must develops effective solutions for you. With our five divisions Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must and Culture Must that cover the various aspects involved when crossing cultural boundaries, we offer a wide variety of value-added intercultural services to meet your individual objectives. Contact us to learn how we can be of help to you!

Service Overview

With our bases in New Delhi and Chengdu, we specialise in customising intercultural solutions for you, whether you are in India, China, or elsewhere. Kindly have a look at our complete service offerings. We customise all the following services according to your individual needs and combining them into the most effective Integrated Solutions, so that you can make the most of the powerful synergies.

Career Must:

Language Must:

Training Must:

Travel Must:

Culture Must:

Integrated Solutions:


In the wake of accelerating globalising forces, especially the explosion in global trade as well as the revolutions in information and communications technologies (e.g. Internet) and transportation (e.g. affordable flight tickets), the need for intercultural services is increasing exponentially. In today's world cultural diversity is a constant, whether you are active in your neighbourhood or covering the whole planet. People we interact with daily all come from culturally diverse backgrounds whether you visit your local vendors or travel the world for business. With diverse cultures increasingly integrated in global streams, opportunities are developing at breath-taking pace.

Against this backdrop, we at Knowledge Must have developed a five-level approach, with each of our five divisions addressing a unique set of challenges. Each approach relates to cultural literacy in a different way. Find the right solutions for your needs from our five divisions at Knowledge Must: Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must and Culture Must. Or find out how our comprehensive Integrated Solutions successfully combine aspects of each.

Benefits of Our Services

Knowledge Must is a one-stop shop for all your intercultural needs, from one-off services to complete solutions. Today, we are the only organisation successfully integrating work experience, language, training, travel, and cultural events to deliver comprehensive, single-source solutions for crossing cultural boundaries. 

Success in international ventures requires understanding of other cultures. Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards. The costs related to not being prepared are steep just as the benefits from proper preparations are limitless. Using a number of service providers to address each aspect of culture differently will remain patchwork if not coordinated and reinforced, and if synergies are not utilised. Benefit from the synergies our five divisions create as well as from the cumulative experiences our experts have made throughout the years.

We customise solutions to achieve your unique objectives and we always strive to make them sustainable. By imparting you our knowledge, we give you the confidence to unravel cultural ambiguity and complexity. We have the expert knowledge, experience and network required to align and coordinate the processes necessary to arrive at effective, consistent, and timely answers to any questions related to your intercultural challenges.

Strong local roots complement our international ties. Our team of outstanding experts, with their multifaceted competency portfolios, blend global delivery with local adaptation. This unique combination of specialists allows us to offer truly comprehensive cultural immersion solutions. And all our service segments are highly synergetic and reinforcing in character.

We constantly strive to understand our clients’ needs and provide customised services required to achieve their goals. While other companies offer advice, we are in the results business. We do not only assist our clients in formulating strategies, we also actively support them in the realisation of their goals and provide on-going support to ensure sustainability. We do not leave our clients with suggestions writting on a piece of paper. We work with them to create substantial, lasting impact.

Quality of Our Services

Knowledge Must exclusively provides intercultural solutions and focuses on issues related to our core expertise: crossing cultural boundaries. At Knowledge Must we enable and empower individuals and organisations to work effectively across cultures. We qualify and link students, professionals, executives and decision makers, NGOs, governmental bodies and businesses, providing support as they cross their cultural boundaries.

Whether it is in India, China, or elsewhere, we meet your intercultural service needs with the utmost reliability. Each of our intercultural solutions involves experts who are thoroughly conversant with the cultures concerned. We are flexible and responsive towards the needs of our clients, but strict in the observance of quality procedures and standards. Strict quality control during and after service delivery ensures that all our solutions meet the same standard of excellence. We are not satis?ed until our clients are satisfied.

The quality and success of our solutions is ultimately reflected by their impact. This is why we constantly assess the impact of our work, beginning with the planning stage, to continuously increase the value we create for our clients. Our quality management system provides feedback about the effectiveness and efficiency of all we do. We employ self-assessment, monitoring, survey, benchmarking, evaluation, and verification procedures as effective tools to ensure the quality of our services.

How We Serve Our Clients

Knowledge Must provides cutting-edge, innovative solutions to complex cultural challenges that directly translate into clear and tangible value for our clients. We have developed a number of tools which help our clients to successfully cross cultural boundaries. We deliver relevant and practical solutions which make a difference. For instance, our services enable clients to minimise time involved to adjust to new cultural environments, develop intercultural communication skills, ensure diverse teams collaborate effectively and deliver results, and understand what is really going on in unfamiliar locations to enable informed, strategic decisions.

Knowledge Must’s approach is highly experiential and interactive, but with a solid grounding in research and tested conceptual frameworks. We ensure our commitment to excellence by conducting comprehensive analysis, developing reliable and pragmatic solutions, and applying the best tools and the most comprehensive strategies, anchoring them in objective facts and mountains of solid data, which is essential to engage the ambiguities and complexities of culture. And we do it with knowledge, diversity, experience, and passion!

Our services are customised for our clients and our solutions focus on their specific needs.  That is why it is so important to learn more about our clients. A needs assessment is always conducted in advance, but there is an effort to maintain maximum flexibility throughout the process as cultural variables are extremely complex. Knowledge Must developed a holistic approach in order to ensure that outcomes and objectives are sustainable and have a lasting impact. Sustainability lies at the core of all our services. It is the foundation of everything we do as we believe that learning is most effective when people become integral and interactive parts of the process.

Our Understanding of Culture

The term "culture" has been defined in a variety of ways. A very comprehensive perspective on culture is as a system of beliefs, values, customs, traditions and assumptions about life that guides behaviour and is shared by a group of people. Beliefs and values arguably define people more than anything else. And yet, the significant role that culture plays is often neglected in decision-making processes. This negatively impacts exchange between people of diverse cultural backgrounds, be it in academics, arts, business or international relations.

Culture is multi-dimensional. Cultures can be tied to race, ethnicity, social class, gender, geography, language, ability, occupation, organisation, and nationality. That is why every individual belongs to multiple cultural groups at the same time.

Culture is powerful. It is a tool that can be harnessed for the good as well as the bad. Harnessed in the right way, culture can be utilised to lead to personal satisfaction, mutual understanding, employment creation, and global sustainability.

Culture is constantly in flux. As conditions change, cultures adapt in dynamic and sometimes unpredictable ways.

Culture is elastic. Knowing the cultural norms of a given community does not predict the behaviour of a member of that community, who may not conform to norms due to individual or contextual reasons.

Culture is not homogeneous. Each culture is unique and within any culture there is diversity. This uniqueness must be identified and respected.

Culture is crucial. As culture influences all aspects of life, from the way we dress to the way we do business, we need to develop certain attitudes and skills to successfully cross our cultural boundaries.

Our Understanding of Knowledge

Knowledge is the cornerstone of our work. Sir Francis Bacon once aptly said that “knowledge is power”. We at Knowledge Must want to empower you with our up-to-date knowledge of the world as it is. We consider the acquisition of culture as the development of an avid hunger for knowledge. Whenever we meet people of other cultural backgrounds a journey of knowledge begins. The discovery of something we do not understand makes us curious and knowledge always begins with this perplexity and curiosity.

Our minds ask for knowledge of everything around us, and the more we accumulate, the higher our desire of knowledge becomes. The more we see, the more we are capable of seeing. We need to have a passionate curiosity about the world. By developing this cast of mind, we gradually improve our ability to perceive reality. Without this cast of mind, even highly intelligent people are destined for failure.

In today's information age we are drowning in information and yet starved for knowledge. There is no substitute for knowledge when interacting with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. We invest significant resources in building our knowledge, but not for the sake of simply accumulating knowledge - our knowledge is all about applicability. We see it as our mission to bring this knowledge to our clients and we publish it for the benefit of global society. We are committed to sharing the knowledge and expertise we have gained, and promoting the exchange of knowledge between cultures. With Knowledge Must, local knowledge turns global! 

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