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Knowledge Must offers you Relocation Plus, the most comprehensive in relocation solutions. We help people move across cultural boundaries, whether it is individuals, groups, or even entire organisations. Due to our extremely high service standards, we only offer Relocation Plus from our India and China offices. Enquire with us now to find out what we can do for you. Welcome home - with Relocation Plus!


Until the present day, many internationally operating organisations deem a working command of English, the language of international business, to be sufficient to shift their staff across the globe. But working across cultural boundaries rarely is so simplistic. Studies consistently show that relocations crossing cultural boundaries result in exceedingly high costs and waste of time. Relocation impacts lives as well as jobs, so it is of central importance to prepare and support all assignees, as even the most generous package will not guarantee a successful relocation.

The success of any particular relocation mainly hinges on two factors: family and individual adaption. Research demonstrates that how well transferees and their dependents make the adjustment to life in the destination culture determines to a large extent the international assignment success. Relocation can be an extremely stressful process for both the assignee and the family. Clearly, employers want to do all they can to support the assignees and their accompanying families to adjust, while protecting the enormous financial investment international assignments represent.

If the expatriation of staff fails due to adjustment problems the total costs related to this failure could include major financial losses and a substantial loss in time. The consequences of insufficient culturally competent workers can also be detrimental to the individual careers of the assignees and can lead to a loss of prestige for the assigning organisation. It is therefore important to consider holistically the needs of the assignees and their families within the context of the wider needs of the assigning organisation.

Relocation Plus offers the most holistic solution to prepare and support individuals for their assignments abroad. We have a deep understanding of the unique needs and personal preferences of people moving to a different culture, often for the first time. Our comprehensive services ease the professional as well as the private transition to working and living among people of other cultural backgrounds. We allow the assignee to conduct business effectively and forge positive relationships with host-country clients, partners, and colleagues. We also offer repatriation services that manage reverse culture shock and ease the reintegration of staff, which is key to successful retention.

Contents of Relocation Plus

Our Relocation Plus offers the most comprehensive array of relocation services available in the market. Based on our five company divisions Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must we are able to offer the whole range of services required to successfully adjust to life in a new culture. And our services do not even stop with your successful relocation. We provide ongoing on-site support for all your intercultural needs. Our key priority is always your cultural experience, comfort, and safety.

Relocation Plus programmes are customised to suit each of your unique needs and can include the following:

Needs Assessment:

  • Pre-relocation assessment to determine client's needs
  • Defining needs for client's effective transition and adjustment
  • Developing Relocation Plus programme in close collaboration with the client

Pre-Arrival Consulting and Training:

  • Extensive consulting on living conditions in the destination
  • Briefing on host-country historic background, current events, and its implications for the particular client
  • Training can be conducted already prior to departure (language courses, intercultural trainings, etc.)
  • Interactive and experiential training by qualified trainers with destination culture expertise
  • Professional environment and protocol in destination culture
  • Social customs and cultural values
  • Safety awareness


  • Pre-move reconnaissance visits
  • Travel arrangements
  • Assistance in arranging safe and comfortable accommodation (whether apartments, shared flats, or houses)
  • We can also arrange unique alternatives to standard accommodations (heritage buildings, religious institutions, etc.) 
  • Assistance in negotiation of rents, lease terms, security deposits, application fees, and commissions
  • Packing and moving to the new home
  • Interior design
  • Buying and installing appliances
  • Handling infrastructure needs (in terms of office space, water, electricity, etc.)
  • Setting up bank accounts, telephone, and Internet connections

Support on Arrival:

  • Temporary accommodation
  • Orientation tour and neighbourhood familiarisation
  • Settling-in support for the family
  • Client-authorised area research such as finding suitable schools, clubs, shops, medical facilities, and recreation options
  • Assisting with authorities (visas, registrations, permits, etc.)
  • Assistance in documentation, collection, and submission of forms

Ongoing Support:

  • Full range of services of our five company divisions Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must
  • Career Must: career counselling, assistance in job searches for partners and family members
  • Language Must: range of language courses
  • Training Must: process-oriented as well as culture-specific trainings
  • Travel Must: transports services, weekend outings, vacations, cultural immersion trips
  • Culture Must: social activities, networking opportunities, regular cultural events
  • Help line number for 24/7 help with any queries, emergencies, or unforeseen occurrences
  • Connecting clients with their peers
  • Plenty of opportunities to expand the social environment (with individuals and families from local cultures as well as international)

Benefits of Relocation Plus

Our solution Relocation Plus differs fundamentally from other relocation services available in the market. Only Knowledge Must is able to offer holistic solutions to the problem of relocating to another culture and all the resulting problems that might ensue. Relocation Plus minimises your stress and results in significant time and cost reductions. We guarantee you a quicker and more successful integration into your new host culture.

Companies providing relocation services are often affiliated with real estate interests. Knowledge Must, however, does not accept any fees, referrals, or commissions from landlords, real estate agents, property developers, or any other third parties. Knowledge Must acts as cultural facilitator and your interface with local service providers, always having your benefit in mind. We help you speed through enquiries, information, and transactions.

For organisations sending staff abroad the success rate of the assignment is greatly increased. Employees quickly focus on work related issues while family assimilation into the new community and culture is greatly enhanced. We anticipate your organisation's needs, questions, and requirements. Our Holistic Approach, Our Understanding, Our Expertise, and Our Attention are what clearly distinguish us from other relocation service providers.

Our Holistic Approach

Our Understanding

  • Deep understanding of world cultures, transition and settlement issues
  • More effective interactions
  • Understand and accommodate differences
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Reduces the fears of making contacts and equips clients with the competency to act appropriately in all sorts of situations
  • Speed up the process of intercultural learning and reach a level of independent and culturally appropriate interaction more quickly

Our Expertise

  • Our team has lived in multiple countries and cultures, thereby being able to empathise with clients
  • Wide global network of experts and resource people
  • Highly skilled in matching needs with inventories and negotiating the best deals for our clients

Our Attention

  • Professional staff assistance 24/7
  • Individualised services
  • We make sure that every little detail of our client's relocation will be dealt with
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