Summer and Winter Programs

At Knowledge Must we annually host the most diverse, comprehensive, and holistic Summer and Winter Programs in India and China. Our 2 to 4 week programs (with optional 2-week to 6-month extensions) are especially compact programs to get you up-to-speed in the diverse Indian and Chinese cultural settings. Next to a program of seminars and language training, there are skill training sessions and field trips as well as overnight excursions on the weekends. You will learn about India's and China's diverse traditions through direct personal experience.

Some characteristics of our programs:

  • Intensive language training in Mandarin Chinese in China and Hindustani / Hindi / Urdu in India
  • Fascinating cultural insights taught by outstanding local and international faculty
  • Fun and interactive classes
  • Skill training sessions
  • Field trips and overnight excursions
  • Credits for university / college at home
  • Choice of accommodation ranging from homestays, over shared appartments, to cozy guest houses
  • Possible 2-weeks to 6-months extension to engage in an Academic Project, an Internship, or Volunteer Work in a field of your personal interest

Please learn more about the details of our Summer and Winter Programs from our dedicated websites:

Programs in India:

Programs in China:

  • Summer Program in China
  • Winter Program in China

If the particular timings do not work out for you, then no worries. We will customise a program for you, providing you with the same value for your money. We can even combine India and China in one unique program for you - a program unlike any other that prepares you for the future! Simply get in touch with us!