Integrated Solutions for Organisations

Organisations from every part of the world are reaching out beyond their native cultures to become international actors. Research consistently shows that due to linguistic and cultural barriers many organisations function only ineffectively. This is not surprising since very few organisations have strategies in place that enable them to work across cultural boundaries. Not only is this demanding on the organisations themselves, but it also creates a challenge for all employees who must cope with working in diverse geographical and cultural settings. Increasingly, however, organisations are aware that they fail to exploit their international potential due to insufficient personnel with relevant intercultural skills.

Regardless of what sector your organisation is engaged in, an understanding of the relevant cultural variables can make or break your ability to effectively operate globally. We at Knowledge Must assist your organisation in maximising intercultural potentials, be it in terms of Integrated Solutions for the intercultural needs of your staff, such as our service Relocation Plus, or in terms of benefiting from our Intercultural Expertise, be it our Intercultural Research, Intercultural Consulting and Implementation, or Intercultural Facilitation.

Our Integrated Solutions build your organisation's intercultural capacities at every level and every opportunity. We equip your staff with the knowledge, skills, and logistics to effectively collaborate across cultural boundaries. We offer a comprehensive toolkit of approaches comprising of training, coaching, advising, facilitating, educating, developing, strategising, planning, organising, and implementing that will suit your specific needs and will assist you in achieving your individual objectives. We do not set ourselves up as experts who transfer knowledge to passive clients, but rather encourage and empower you to assume increasing responsibility. We do this to bring out your capabilities and help you gain confidence to continue after we have completed our work. Sustainability is key for all solutions we tailor for our clients.

Our Integrated Solutions lay the foundation for your organisation to successfully engage other cultures. Get in touch with us now to learn how we further your organisations objectives.

What Our Clients Say

Our company had just recently started operating in India, but our staff that was sent over there had serious problems, ranging from finding good accommodation to cultural issues and difficulty in communicating with the local staff. After getting to know about Knowledge Must's Integrated Solutions, our staff benefited from the experience, advice and support given to them, for example, in the form of cultural awareness training and language courses. I am sure we could not have achieved the same quick results without that valuable help.

•    Thorsten Steiner, Steiner Fahrzeugbau (Oberhausen, Germany)