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16-05-10 14:30 Age: 9 yrs

Knowledge Must Newsletter 02/2010

Table of Contents:

1.    Knowledge Must Lecture Series at German Universities in May / June 2010

2.    Experience a New India with Travel Must

3.    The 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi

4.    The Knowledge Must Blog - Now even better



Dear Reader,

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter.

We are happy to share some of the most interesting recent developments from our different divisions with you and hope these are as exciting for you as they are for us.

Thank you for your constant support and interest in Knowledge Must.


Your Knowledge Must Team



1. Knowledge Must Lecture Series at German Universities in May / June 2010

We are very pleased to be invited to give lectures at various universities in Germany.

Peter Braun, Managing Director of Knowledge Must and former Director of the South Asia Institute New Delhi (University of Heidelberg, Germany) will inform about study abroad programmes, internships and career opportunities and talk about his experiences living and working in India. All lectures will be in German language.


Schedule / Zeitplan:

(The schedule can also be downloaded as a PDF file from: )


17. Mai 2010 - Universität zu Köln

Land der neuen Möglichkeiten: Studium, Praktikum und Berufseinstieg in Indien

16-18 Uhr, Raum 211 im IBW Gebäude, Universität Köln, Herbert-Lewin-Str. 2 (Anmeldung per Mail an bis zum 16.05.2010)


18. Mai 2010 - Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Indien – Neues Ziel zur Verwirklichung von Karriereträumen: Praktikum, Studienaufenthalt und Berufseinstieg

17-18.30 Uhr, Gebäude 22A, Raum 211 (Anmeldung nicht notwendig)


19. Mai 2010 - Universität Leipzig

Abenteuer Indien - Studium, Praktikum und Berufseinstieg

17-19 Uhr, Hörsaalgebäude, HS 20, Universität Leipzig (Anmeldung nicht notwendig)


20. Mai 2010 - Leonardo Büro Sachsen und TU Dresden

Indien – Land der Neuen Möglichkeiten: Studium, Praktikum und Berufseinstieg

15.30 – 17:30 Uhr, TU Dresden, HSZ, Raum E05/U (Anmeldung nicht nötig)


31.Mai 2010 - Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Land der neuen Möglichkeiten: Studium, Praktikum und Berufseinstieg in Indien

14-16 Uhr, Gebäude B, Ebene 06, Vortragsraum 01/02, Campus Grifflenberg (Anmeldung nicht nötig)


1.Juni 2010 - Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Land der neuen Möglichkeiten: Studium, Praktikum und Berufseinstieg in Indien

12-14 Uhr, in den Räumlichkeiten der Indologie, Asien-Orient-Institut, Abteilung für Indologie, Gartenstraße 19, Raum 1.01. (Anmeldung nicht nötig)


2.Juni 2010 - Universität Kassel

Praktikum und Berufseinstieg in Indien

14-16 Uhr, Careerbüro Job & Weg, Nora-Platiel-Strasse 1 (Anmeldung bis 02.06 unter o.g. Link)



2. Experience a New India with Travel Must

Our travel division is happy to update you on some of our latest trips and tours. Since all of them were booked out in a very short amount of time and since all the participants were very satisfied with these most authentic and also sometimes adventurous trips, we decided to offer them again regularly now. Here are some of the recent highlights along with information and pictures from the respective tours. Please enquire with us to find out about future tours to these or other special locations.


Walking Tours through Mehrauli

Mehrauli is the oldest continuously inhabited area of Delhi, with a history of more than 1,000 years. With Travel Must's walking tours you will discover the local culture, visit historic sites, meet the communities and share in their traditions. Experience Mehrauli’s lively traditions, from ancient to modern and get to know some of the most hidden treasures of the city. The walk takes you to the curious Hijra Dargah (shrine for India’s 3rd gender / eunuchs), the Sufi shrine of Khwaja Syed Muhammad Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki, the Jahaz Mahal ("Ship Palace") located next to a scenic lake, Delhi's most important Jain pilgrimage site, the Dadabari Mandir, the shrine of the Sufi saints Jamali and Kamali sometimes referred to as India's only gay monument, the Archaeological Garden, the flower bazaar and many other spectacular sites – all within walking distance.

Watch pictures from this trip on our Flickr site:


Horse Riding in Rajasthan

Travel Must offers regular horse riding weekends just three hours away from Delhi, situated in the beautiful area surrounding Sariska National Park. Away from the hustle of trodden tourist paths, you will discover nature's bounties around the Aravalli Mountains and we take you to Lake Siliserh, which is the most beautiful of the many lakes in the area. Another highlight will be the accommodation. The Hotel Burja Haveli is an immensely beautiful heritage hotel situated in a 240-year-old haveli in Burja Village. Together with us, you also experience Alwar, a wonderful Rajasthani city full of colourful bazaars, stately havelis, and grand palaces not yet affected by tourism. The city is dotted with heritage buildings, such as the city's 10th century fort, the Bala Qila, built by the Nikumbha Rajputs, which spreads over the surrounding hills, or the City Palace and the Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri.

Watch pictures from this trip on our Flickr site:


Adventures in Madhya Pradesh's Jungles

Come with the Travel Must team on an exploratory tour to the Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh. You will be swimming in the cool waters of one of the biggest lakes in India, the Gandhi Sagar, which is fed by the pristine Chambal river famous for its Gharials (a stunning type of crocodilian). Along a stretch of a dried out river bed we will see the largest collection of rock paintings in the world, some of them more than 10,000 years old, as well as some stunning temples, waterfalls, forts, and tribal villages on the way - all located inside the Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to leopards, bears, chinkaras, wild dogs, jackals, and other wild animals.

Watch pictures from this trip on our Flickr site:



3. The 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi

If you have been living in or visiting Delhi throughout the last two, three years, you surely have noticed how the city has been changing - and rapidly so. With the extension of the metro to many parts of the city, a whole new terminal at Indira Gandhi International Airport, an overhauled public transport system with new busses and designated BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) corridors and of course the many new sports stadiums being only the most visible aspects of the fast paced development.

The Commonwealth Games (CWG) which will be held between 3 October and 14 October 2010 are by far the biggest (sports) event Delhi, and India for that matter, has seen in its entire history. The excitement can be felt everywhere, and we at the Knowledge Must head office in New Delhi are very excited, too. We have some special plans and ideas in the pipeline for the time before, during and after the games which we will reveal soon. So, stay tuned for updates on our events, special travel tours and other offers especially designed for the CWG 2010.



4. The Knowledge Must Blog - Now even better!

As most of you might have already noticed, we slightly re-designed and extended our blog ( over the last couple of weeks. After launching the blog in March, we have received valuable input from many dedicated followers and we hope that now you, our readers, will like the blog even better than before.

With the newly created category “Global Career” we focus on the topic of career opportunities from working in, with or across different cultures. This category will feature valuable personal insights and experiences from outstanding individuals who have successfully crossed cultural boundaries to start or shape their career in a foreign working environment.

So far the feedback has been excellent and we feel very honoured by the constant support and positive remarks on the content as well as the design. We will give our best to keep the standards high and continue to publish interesting and insightful stories.

Some of the articles published since our last newsletter include:

- Hindustani Language - The Key to Immersion in India

- Modern Japanese Art in Delhi - Life is a Battle by Masahiro Fukuyama

- Immersed - What's Going On?

- Capturing India - Interview with Photographer / Photojournalist Enrico Fabian

- The Vibrancy of Civil Society in Pakistan

- Living in India as a Western Woman

- Bangladeshis Take Culture Seriously

We are looking forward to receiving your highly valued feedback, ideas for articles and general comments.