Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel

Travel Must is committed to sustaining the character and integrity of each place we visit. Our innate sense of responsibility toward the diverse cultures of our planet forms the basis of our authentic travel experiences. We support local and international NGOs that are working to protect the cultural heritage of mankind, improve the quality of life for all, and work towards conservation of nature. Building confidence and positive attitudes toward one another through shared experiences and meaningful exchanges gives shape to new partnerships.

We are committed to provide financial benefits for our host communities. In our choice of services we ensure to support local economies. There is a greater multiplier effect on the economy, because local products, materials, and labour are used. However, the powerful positive effects of sustainable travel go far beyond economics. We build environmental awareness and provide direct financial benefits for conservation as well as empowerment for local people. We seek to inspire passion to protect our planet. Discovering our planet's diverse flora, fauna, and cultures instils a greater appreciation for our heritage.

Our Policies

  • We limit the size of our groups to minimise environmental and social impact.
  • We build strong relationships with host communities.
  • We utilise cultural facilitators to bridge cultural differences and generate respect between the travellers and the local communities.
  • We provide our travellers with guidelines on local culture to help them prepare for different social environments.
  • We encourage, develop, and promote specialised local knowledge and skills in our host cultures.
  • We minimise negative environmental impacts and make positive contributions to the conservation of biodiversity.

What Our Clients Say

Travel Must is a unique combination of stunning cultural experiences in original places. While my trip covered a lot of ground in two weeks, there was still plenty of time to explore and get a sense of the extraordinary diversity of the people and landscapes of Europe. Great job!

•    Sanjay Chatterjee (Kolkata, India)