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Travel Logistics

Our travel logistics allow you to make the most out of each precious moment spent among another culture. We free your valuable time and bring you up-to-speed by tackling challenging logistics and taking meticulous care of all the details, from booking hotels and transportation, over arranging food tastings and cultural activities, to managing the people facilitating your journey along the way and designing special experiences.


Your accommodations will be a memorable part of your experience journeying with Travel Must. We believe that it depends heavily on the type of accommodation how you will experience local culture. Cultural content is of special importance to us. We believe that accommodations should mirror the architecture, flair, and lifestyle of the respective destinations. For our clients we have handpicked outstanding accommodations - tented camps, charming houseboats, boutique hotels, and royal palaces - that go beyond mere comfort and evoke the local character of a place.

Frequently these establishments are housed in charming, restored historic buildings - havelis and palaces in India, traditional inns in China, and old estates and heritage hotels in Europe. In more remote places we adjust accordingly. We do not shy away from isolated areas simply because there are no hotels. Sometimes the choice of accommodation can be adventure in itself. For instance, you might stay in a hut in a tribal village or in a tree house high up in the jungle canopy.

We will offer you the type of accommodation closest to your personal expectations. Feel like a king in opulent luxury in a 14th century maharaja's palace or feel like a pauper staying in a slum with local residents. These are experiences of a lifetime and will remain with you far longer than staying in a standard hotel room.


Surely one of the most important aspects of travelling is sampling the diversity of local food. During your trip, we offer you to dine on the local delicacies, drink traditional beverages, learn something of the culinary traditions of the place, and visit traditional establishments virtually unknown to outsiders. Of course, you will also have the flexibility to indulge in your individual tastes.


We provide transportation facilities as per your and your destination's requirements. You could choose from a cycle rickshaw to a luxurious car. We also offer local means of transport wherever feasible, which could be anything from a bullock-cart to a metro train. You will take less travelled country roads through tiny hamlets and vast forests, and follow the ancient walking tracks set out by people centuries ago. Following the footsteps of the locals will ensure that you experience life firsthand!


While we provide you with a detailed itinerary and background information as well as suggestions for delving deeper into your field of interest, we also believe that facilitators can be very useful. Particularly for some destinations, we advise you to seek expert guidance to make the most out of your experience. There is nothing quite like seeing a place through the eyes of someone who knows it intimately and cares about it passionately.

Drawing on lifetimes of regional knowledge and a wealth of global experience, our facilitators come from a wide range of backgrounds - anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, historians, journalists, filmmakers, photographers, and writers. Their insiders' perspectives, expertise, and palpable enthusiasm bring a certain magic that enhances your experience immeasurably.

Depending on where and when you need them, your own individual facilitators will open your eyes to fascinating historical origins and exciting current developments. They make it a point to fulfil your expectations and flexibly adapt your journey to reflect your individual interests, while ensuring your comfort and safety at all times. Our facilitators are also picked for their sense of humour, their ability to improvise, and their congeniality as travelling companions. In addition to our facilitators, you will meet local artisans, artists, farmers, street children, tribals, and researchers - all shedding light on their unique culture from a personal perspective.


At Travel Must we make it a point to include many special experiences in your journey that provide you unique insights into your destination's living culture. For example, local festivals and celebrations present a fantastic way to experience cultures – and have the time of your life doing so! Full moons, harvest cycles, and religious festivals, opportunities for celebrations abound. We do our best to schedule our journeys to coincide with fascinating festivals and cultural celebrations to add another layer of cultural context about your destination's heritage, legends, religious practices, and social structures.

What Our Clients Say

The organisation was perfect. The trip was completely arranged, we had beautiful hotels, the driver was nice and the car was very comfortable. We never travelled this way before but in India because we realised it is necessary.

•    Cecile Raison (Lyon, France)