Destination Ideas

Please have a look at this selection of ideas that underline the potential scope and scale of travel experiences. By no means exhaustive or comprehensive, these ideas attempt to give you an idea of the extraordinary experiences we can realise for you. And even if you choose one of our proposed ideas, we will do our utmost to customise this experience according to your individual interests.

In India, you could:

  • Ride on camels, elephants, and horses through the countryside
  • Swim with dolphins in the Indian Ocean
  • Practice yoga in a traditional Hindu ashram
  • Act in a Bollywood movie
  • Witness the largest congregation of mankind on the Hindu festival Kumbh Mela
  • Conquer your first mountain in the majestic Himalayas
  • Assist in meaningful community development
  • Stay in palaces and discuss the good old times with the maharajas
  • Strike up a conversation with wise sages and insightful scholars
  • Get lost in a maze of alleys and make a new discovery behind every corner

In China, you could:

  • Train Kungfu in ancient Chinese Chan (Zen) monasteries
  • Enjoy your hot cup in a traditional teahouse
  • Explore a world of food in the planet's most diverse cuisine
  • Live, work, and study among Tibetan monks
  • Marvel at the ancient Chinese wonders of architecture and art
  • Learn some new dancing moves from the locals during their festivals
  • Go on a shopping spree for items you earlier never even thought existed
  • Have a glimpse of the newly emerging superpower
  • Feel the excitement of a people ever hungry for change
  • Walk through surreal landscapes looking like paintings

In Europe, you could:

  • Learn about the roots of Western culture
  • Discover European culinary delights during one of the traditional beer or wine festivals
  • Explore fairytale landscapes of castles and cathedrals
  • Marvel at incredibly well-conserved towns and villages giving a glimpse into the Europe of old
  • Spend ages in art exhibitions and cultural events
  • Ride through five countries in as many hours
  • Party with locals in the vibrant nightlife
  • Wonder about the ingenious technologies employed
  • Discover the commonalities as well as the diversity of European cultures
  • Experience the buzz of a diverse range of carnival celebrations and other vivid festivals

Challenge us with your eccentric ideas. We are always eager to learn about opportunities to experience other cultures!

We would be delighted to tailor any of these ideas according to your individual objectives, modify them according to your requirements, and make further recommendations to enhance your journey. Please enquire with us!