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Activity Ideas

We specialise in tailoring programmes to your particular interests. These are some of the activities that you may include in your personalised itinerary:


  • Trekking tours and mountaineering
  • Cycle tours and mountain biking
  • Motor biking
  • Sailing and surfing
  • Kayak and rafting expeditions
  • Camel, horse, and elephant safaris


  • Heritage tourism
  • Archaeology
  • Visits to historical sites
  • Homestays
  • Native culture studies
  • Village visits
  • Art classes
  • Photography
  • Dance and music lessons
  • Yoga, Qigong, Kungfu, and other exercise regimes
  • Traditional medicine


  • Eco tours
  • Environmental studies
  • Birding tours
  • Nature awareness training


  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Daoism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Jainism
  • Sikhism
  • Meditation
  • Monastery visits
  • Religious festivals and holidays

You might also like to add some special courses on local cuisine or language along the way - seamlessly integrated in your dream journey! Have a look at our divisions Language Must and Training Must for inspiration!

What Our Clients Say

Never before have I ventured out of India. I was a little bit wary of going to such a far place. But as soon as I arrived in Germany, I felt very much at home. People were a little bit distanced at the beginning, but once you start to talk to them they soon warm up and so I was able to make many new friends. I plan to book another journey with Travel Must next holidays. This time I plan to visit some of the famous sites in the south: Heidelberg, Freiburg, Tubingen, etc.

•    Sheela Reddy (New Delhi, India)