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With our division Travel Must, we at Knowledge Must offer the best in intercultural travels. Because travel is such a precious commodity, part education, part relaxation, part life-enriching experience, part adventure, Travel Must takes utmost care to fulfil your individual expectations. Our unique travel services cater to open-minded individuals from all walks of life. From executives to students, from urbanites to outdoor enthusiasts, Travel Must offers you great ways to immerse yourself in a foreign environment and culture. Over the years, we have developed an extensive support network so that we can assure you a safe and enriching experience, whether you touch down in Beijing, Berlin, or Bombay.

Travelling abroad is a means of acknowledging the unique contribution that cultures have made to our common human heritage. While our cultures and our languages differ enormously, our songs, stories, and histories express a shared human sentiment. This shared sentiment invites us to visit the Taj Mahal in India or the Great Wall in China and say this belongs to us and it is our common heritage there for us all to share and respect. We at Travel Must are enthusiastic to share this common heritage, but we also have a passion to introduce you to the special places that we know. Join us on a journey beyond the trodden tracks and you will discover something beautiful behind every corner.

We aim to enrich our clients' experience by providing unique travel opportunities to develop new perspectives on life and gain a greater understanding of other cultures. Our journeys are about meeting people of diverse cultural background, exploring and experiencing a life you would not find in your familiar surroundings. Travel Must does not offer the normal tourist fare, but rather experiences with an intimate level of cultural interaction, combining your special interests with unique cultural sharing opportunities to connect with local people in their everyday lives. We individualise your travel experiences to give you the adventure of a lifetime while you become immersed in distant cultures and communities.

If you value the pursuit of knowledge, you must be free to follow wherever that search may lead you. What will your next destination be? Our team will design a personalised itinerary tailored to your interests, objectives, timeframe, and budget. Whether you are a seasoned international traveller or a first-timer, enjoying luxurious palaces or rock-bottom lodges, we create a cultural adventure that matches your imagination. From the moment you contact us, our highly individual service guarantees you the attention you need to develop your vision of travel into an exciting itinerary.

Travel is more than just seeing of sights. It induces deep and permanent change in your ideas of living. Embark with Travel Must on a journey you will never forget and explore alternative ways of life. A world of diversity is awaiting you.

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