Training for Relocation

Training Must provides training solutions for individuals, families, and organisations relocating. Our Training for Relocation focuses on cultural adjustment issues in the local context as well as practical issues related to everyday life in the target culture. We will give you an accurate portrayal of the possible lifestyles in your target destination as well as guidelines and tools on how to adapt and deal with the cultural differences. The challenges are often as great upon return home as during the stay abroad. It is critical for returnees to have an opportunity to assess the value of their experience in personal and professional terms and to share strategies on how to effect a smooth re-entry into their home culture. Also the families need support and assistance with the adaptation process.

Relocation Training Modules include:

  • Preparing for the Move
  • Facilitating the Move
  • What to Bring Along
  • Public Behaviour and Etiquette
  • Food and Drink
  • Transport, Shopping, and Entertainment
  • Local Attitudes to Foreigners
  • Family Issues
  • Gender Issues
  • Socialising across Cultures
  • Blending in

Training for Relocation should already begin while still in one's home country and should continue in the destination country. Please enquire with us to learn how we can customise the optimal Relocation Training for you.

What Our Clients Say

I just started a small business of my own here in India. Since sales were not picking up as fast as I had hoped for I decided to get professional help from Training Must. They arranged me a culture savy trainer who assisted me in adjusting my marketing to the realities of the Indian market. My lead generation has vastly improved and this is gradually building up my sales. I seriously recommend Training Must's services to anybody facing the same problems that I was facing.

•    Marco Tolino, Shanti Vibes (New Delhi, India)