Benefits of Intercultural Training

The multi-fold benefits of our Intercultural Trainings are evident for individuals as well as organisations.

Who will benefit from our trainings:

  • Individuals interested in or visiting other cultures
  • Individuals working across cultural boundaries
  • Organisations with a diverse work force
  • Organisations operating across cultural boundaries

Benefits for Individuals:

  • Enhanced cultural awareness, knowledge, and practical skills
  • Identify options for culture-appropriate behaviour
  • Understand your own culture and how others see it
  • Develop curiosity about and knowledge of other cultures
  • Better adaptation to new work environments
  • Preparation for living and working in a new country
  • Adjusting to a new work culture
  • Preventing culture shock
  • Promoting your professional career
  • Creating comfort
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Easing the transition

Additional Benefits for Organisations:

  • Pro-active management of intercultural issues
  • Development of culturally competent staff
  • Bring new perspectives to problem-solving
  • Provide new ideas to teams and individuals
  • Clearer lines of communication
  • More effective team interactions
  • Increased harmony in the workplace
  • Improved knowledge sharing
  • Fewer cultural problems when cooperating with partners
  • Enhance responsiveness to customer needs in the global marketplace
  • Enhanced relationships and business operations
  • Better prepared expatriates and international managers
  • Diminish the adjustment time of new employees, their co-workers, and managers
  • Improved job satisfaction and staff retention
  • Substantial time and cost savings

What Our Clients Say

The course addressed differences between my native culture and Indian culture head on, which I feel is essential for making the most out of my stay here. Without your guidance I might still spend my weekends alone at home wondering what I am doing here.

•    Steffen Joritz (Viernheim, Germany)