Benefits of Intercultural Training

The multi-fold benefits of our Intercultural Trainings are evident for individuals as well as organisations.

Who will benefit from our trainings:

  • Individuals interested in or visiting other cultures
  • Individuals working across cultural boundaries
  • Organisations with a diverse work force
  • Organisations operating across cultural boundaries

Benefits for Individuals:

  • Enhanced cultural awareness, knowledge, and practical skills
  • Identify options for culture-appropriate behaviour
  • Understand your own culture and how others see it
  • Develop curiosity about and knowledge of other cultures
  • Better adaptation to new work environments
  • Preparation for living and working in a new country
  • Adjusting to a new work culture
  • Preventing culture shock
  • Promoting your professional career
  • Creating comfort
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Easing the transition

Additional Benefits for Organisations:

  • Pro-active management of intercultural issues
  • Development of culturally competent staff
  • Bring new perspectives to problem-solving
  • Provide new ideas to teams and individuals
  • Clearer lines of communication
  • More effective team interactions
  • Increased harmony in the workplace
  • Improved knowledge sharing
  • Fewer cultural problems when cooperating with partners
  • Enhance responsiveness to customer needs in the global marketplace
  • Enhanced relationships and business operations
  • Better prepared expatriates and international managers
  • Diminish the adjustment time of new employees, their co-workers, and managers
  • Improved job satisfaction and staff retention
  • Substantial time and cost savings

What Our Clients Say

I just started a small business of my own here in India. Since sales were not picking up as fast as I had hoped for I decided to get professional help from Training Must. They arranged me a culture savy trainer who assisted me in adjusting my marketing to the realities of the Indian market. My lead generation has vastly improved and this is gradually building up my sales. I seriously recommend Training Must's services to anybody facing the same problems that I was facing.

•    Marco Tolino, Shanti Vibes (New Delhi, India)