What Our Clients Say

As a result of our unsurpassed service and assistance to our clients, Knowledge Must has built a reputation over the years of offering the best in intercultural facilitation. We are proud to provide you with the feedback and testimonials that we collected over the years. We heartily thank our clients for bringing substance to our concepts and helping us promote intercultural understanding.

This, of course, is only a selection. We are pleased to share more of them with you and will provide you with the contact data of clients in case you want to get directly in touch with them.

Career Must

At the NGO that I chose to intern with I spent two months researching marginalised ethnic groups in Uttaranchal. Next to my work I also grabbed the opportunity to learn some Hindustani, the language actually spoken in the bazaars of Northern India. It made all the difference. As I aim to pursue a doctorate, this internship was perfect for me. - Florian Jundt (Lichtenau, Germany)

Career Must has consistently found us amazingly talented interns. All of them had so much energy and potential to learn and grow within our company. Career Must truly listens to our demands and in return always send us outstanding candidates. - Xia Guoqiang, Tefu (Shanghai, China)

Language Must

Knowledgeable, excellent teachers that do a good job of putting the language within a cultural context. My Hindi and ability to communicate in India has improved immensely in the past months! - Kate Strathmann (Philadelphia, USA)

You guys thought of everything. The class was great! I learned so much in such a short time and felt very solid in what I learned. I liked most how we jumped right into being able to speak. Fastest time to usefulness I have ever had! - Beth Karabin (Sun Prairie,USA)

Training Must

I learnt many things upfront rather than the hard way like many other travellers I met, who seemed to be perplexed, irritated, and very tense. This intercultural training gave me the confidence to fully immerse myself! - Felix Carvalho (Belem, Brazil)

Our staff found the Training Must cultural awareness training very valuable. The interactive character of the training sessions in a lifelike setting made it enjoyable and useful at the same time. We highly recommend Training Must to other companies. - Sunil Gupta, Gupta Technologies (Visakhapatnam, India)

Travel Must

The staff of Travel Must is highly qualified and impresses with its knowledge of culture and infrastructure. It is good to know somebody in India who can help organize travel and accommodation while keeping in mind western expectations. - Johannes Dahmen (Heidelberg, Germany)

Travel Must organised my business trip through Germany setting up meetings with prospective business partners, investors and potential customers . The meeting partners were well chosen and thus my trip was very successful. Flawless service. - Thomas D'Souza, India Overseas Export Corporation (Mangalore, India)

Culture Must

Culture Must's cultural exchange program has allowed me to travel to India to work as a DJ in various cities and get to know the country and its people. It was an extremely gratifying experience for me to acquainting Indians to new forms of music. Among the locations I played in are New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa. My stint with Culture Must in India led me to further promote the exchange of artists from the music industry between India and Europe. I already have hosted Indian musicians in my native Berlin and send other musicians from Europe to India. I am very much looking forward to come back to India and develop new projects and make friends with other musicians and creative people. - Stephan Mattschke, DJ 22ROCKETS, VierAugenVögeln (Berlin, Germany)

I have been to some of Culture Must's events such as the Berlin Sound Tamasha series and it was definitely always worth going, may it be concerts, exhibitions or parties. What I really liked the most was the welcoming atmosphere and the mixed crowd that you can meet there. It's not a purely expat crowd, it's not 100% desi either, and I think that's what makes the difference. - Priyanka Acharya (New Delhi, India)

Integrated Solutions

I liked the hearty and welcoming atmosphere as much as the internship with "Butterflies - Programme with street and working children" in Delhi and the travel arrangements (bus-, train- and taxi bookings, hotel and hostel) provided by "Travel Must". I always had the feeling that Knowledge Must's emphasis is not only the arrangement of internships and ticket booking but to focus on practical advice, applicable to your work, travel plans, interests and everyday life. - Marcel Lötzsch (Mannheim, Germany)

With an ever growing number of Heidelberg students conducting their field research, internships, studies and careers in India, the services of Knowledge Must provide the best complements to our academic curriculum. Based in India and Germany our partner provides the most efficient tools to guide our students through the process of developing an international career, building up practical skills, and extending their professional networks. Working with an outstanding commitment to our students' intellectual and personal progress, the task of Knowledge Must begins where university education has its limits. Support in terms of gaining practical work experience, logistics such as travel and accommodation arrangements, skill assessments and trainings, language tuition, and other specialised intercultural solutions satisfy the key needs of Heidelberg students and even our scholars. Knowledge Must has proven itself as the best possible intercultural facilitator for our varied needs. - Manfred Hake, South Asia Institute - Heidelberg University (Heidelberg, Germany)