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Our Clients

Intercultural skills are increasingly being viewed as indispensable by students, professionals, businesses, governments, educational institutions, NGOs, and many others with an international outlook. Our clients face the pressure of having to learn ever faster. They switch between cultural affiliations and must often make decisions which carry far-reaching consequences. In practice, clients often turn to us with problems resulting from crossing cultural boundaries.

What We Do for Our Clients

At Knowledge Must, we have leveraged all strengths to provide our clients with the best of what they can get in intercultural solutions. For many years our team has served clients around the world, by offering them timely and value-creating opportunities to maximise their potential from working across cultural boundaries. We develop individuals and organisations alike to drive their global success.

We establish strong relationships with our clients. Because we understand our clients, we know how to satisfy their requirements with our tailor-made intercultural solutions. It is only through close contact with our clients that we can deliver our high quality standards and by closely collaborating with our clients, we deliver the best solutions in a timely, responsive and trusted manner.

We rely on our extensive global network and our strategic partnerships with leading organisations around the world to constantly improve upon the solutions we provide for our clients. We have successfully assisted clients in often-complicated intercultural service needs requiring specialised knowledge and skills. Our clients’ satisfaction and trust is an indication of our success.

Why Our Clients Choose Working with Us

We earn our clients' satisfaction and trust through our consistently superior service, our professional expertise and our complete commitment.


We believe we will be successful if our clients are successful and thus are never satisfied until we give our clients solutions that really fit. At the core of our unparalleled service offering is a complete understanding of our clients' individual needs. We will structure our services around our clients to ensure that their objectives are met.


Working across cultural boundaries requires a strong expertise on how cultural variables affect outcomes. We leverage our expertise for achieving our clients' goals with our professionals' knowledge, experience, diversity and passion. Our clients consistently say that collaboration with our talented and resourceful Knowledge Must team is a key reason why they choose to work with us.


At Knowledge Must we always put our clients' interests first and when you work with us you are working with a highly committed and capable partner. We have respect for and strictly adhere to our clients' financial guidelines. And we care for our clients as people, even when we are not serving them.

Our Client Base

The scope of our client base is very broad, ranging from multinational companies and global multilateral organisations to local NGOs and ambitious individuals. Our diverse experience creates flexibility, allowing us to adapt, customise and design solutions to fit the individual needs of our clients.

Because of our commitment to excellence we have attracted some of the most prestigious clients in their respective fields. Leading educational institutes such as the South Asia Institute of the University of Heidelberg, preeminent corporates such as the Taj Group, and renowned NGOs such as SNSF are among our highly satisfied clients, next to uncounted outstanding students and professionals, who rely on our services to effectively cross cultural boundaries.

We are extremely gratified that most of our business comes from repeat and referral business.

Individuals as Clients

Our level of service for individual clients is truly individual. At Knowledge Must we understand that your needs and objectives are unique to your personal situation. Whether you are looking to build up your capacities, for job opportunities or for a unique challenge, we will build a strategy for you. We look forward to work together with you to achieve your goals. Contact us!

Organisations as Clients

Knowledge Must serves many prestigious organisations from the civic, governmental and business worlds. Our team is renowned for its deep insight, innovative strategies and cutting-edge implementation. And we prepare your most valuable assets, your staff, to effectively work across cultures. We work with organisations from around the world. Contact us!

Case Studies

We have unraveled a lot of cultural puzzles and developed some remarkable intercultural solutions along the way. We invite you to enquire with us to learn more about client cases we handled that are applicable to your individual situation. You will get an idea about our past successes, learn what makes us so confident about the value of our intercultural solutions, and get inspired about how we could be of help to you. Client case studies we compiled thus far include a workshop we designed and hosted for the renowned South Asia Institute of the German University of Heidelberg, a music album we helped publishing for a group of international artists, an internship program managed for one of India's leading IT companies, and many individuals who have profited from our Integrated Solutions. For more information on these or similar projects, please get in touch with us.

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