Integrated Solutions for Individuals

More clearly than ever before, the future of every individual is linked to that of every other. The only way to grasp these linkages and to learn to use them is to understand the world. But true understanding cannot come from books or lectures or the Internet alone. It can only come from experiencing the world in its manifold variations. For this purpose, Knowledge Must offers you full cultural immersion and relocation solutions. You will also gain from our Intercultural Expertise, be it in form of our Research, Consulting and Implementation, or Facilitation.

Knowledge Must's Integrated Solutions for Individuals are dedicated to quickly enable everybody, from business people to students, from diplomats to adventurers, to become more professionally productive and interpersonally effective when working with or in another culture. Our solutions make you master adaptation issues in your host culture, guiding you to achieve optimum personal and professional performance.

We contextualise cultural geography by relating it to current events and personal issues in people’s lives. Being in the country of the target culture reinforces language learning and provides an opportunity to adapt to the culture. Adding work experience, travel, entertainment, and social life, and you have all the tools at your hand that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in another culture. Our Integrated Solutions offer this unparalleled immersion opportunity.

In a Hadith (the collected sayings of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad) it is stated that one should "seek knowledge, even as far as China". We aim to inspire you to follow your vision - wherever it takes you. Pass the customs inspection, blend in, and explore a new way of life! Get in touch with us now to learn how we further your individual objectives.