Contents of Internship Programmes

Designing and managing your organisation's customised internship programme might entail a plethora of tailor-made services.

Identification, screening, and recruiting of interns:

  • Assess and develop internship profiles
  • Search resumes in relevant databases based on the profiles defined after the assessment process
  • Design effective programme and application materials
  • Receive and process applications
  • Select and notify recipients
  • Notify nonrecipients
  • Contact with candidates
  • Inform the candidates about the organisation
  • First screening and selection of candidates
  • First presentation of candidate profiles that best suit requirements
  • Organisation narrows down selection to the best candidates to proceed with the selection process
  • Administration of required tests, such as language and skill tests
  • Personal and telephone interviews with candidates
  • Final presentation of candidate profiles for final interview and selection

Pre-departure planning and logistics support for rapid deployment:

  • Providing comprehensive pre-departure support
  • Pre-departure information package
  • Intercultural awareness training
  • Pre-departure language training
  • Travel arrangements
  • Insurance considerations
  • Logistic support
  • Correspondence with academic institutes
  • Visa process advice

On-site support:

  • Airport pick-up on arrival
  • Orientation to local life and transition support
  • Comfortable and safe accommodations
  • Foreigners registration advice
  • Drop to office the first day of work
  • Pay students an allowance or stipend on behalf of the organisation
  • Administering ongoing language and skills training
  • On-site support during entire internship

We invite you to learn how you can profit from these services!

What Our Clients Say

Career Must has consistently found us amazingly talented interns. All of them had so much energy and potential to learn and grow within our company. Career Must truly listens to our demands and in return always send us outstanding candidates.

•    Xia Guoqiang, Tefu (Shanghai, China)