Work and Study Opportunities

We offer work and study opportunities in the three cultural regions of the world that we focus our work on: South Asia / India, East Asia / China, and the Western world.

Work and Study Opportunities in South Asia / India

India has emerged as one of the cultural and economic hotspots of the 21st century. The country has become a major competence centre in fields as varied as IT, media, engineering and the entertainment industry. Take a chance to immerse yourself in one of the most captivating societies in our globalising world and witness one of the oldest, and at the same time most forward-looking, cultures. Many who come to try living in India for a short while stay back, hooked to the culture. With Career Must there is always adventure and excitement in working and studying in India!

Work and Study Opportunities in East Asia / China

China has captivated the minds of people around the world since thousands of years. There has always been a mix of awe and fascination for everything Chinese. In recent decades, China has been widely acknowledged as a global powerhouse, from cultural exports to business prowess, from the fine arts to technology. Chinese organisations have long understood that having the cultural counterparts of their clients and partners working alongside them reduces cultural mishaps and enhances the effectiveness of their work. China is an excellent country to advance professionally. Career Must guarantees you authentic work and study experiences beyond the familiar touristy monotony!

Work and Study Opportunities in the Western World

The Western world has been the leading force in the globalisation of economies around the world since the last several centuries. Accordingly, many cultural influences from all over the world have entered the Western mainstream and led to a unique fusion, which widely contributed to its wealth. However, the developed Western economies are finding it increasingly difficult to hire enough skilled labour. They are also in dire need of culture-savvy and multilingual talent to tap into the expanding global markets. Opportunities for people of other cultural backgrounds are emerging correspondingly. With Career Must you will have the opportunity to work and study in the Western world while having the chance to explore all the splendours that Western cultures have to offer!

What Our Clients Say

Working in different countries in Europe for more than ten years I started looking into career opportunities in Asia. A colleague at my former employer told me about Knowledge Must. I contacted them and their professional attitude convinced me. Soon I found my current job in the IT industry in India's Delhi area. Thanks to Knowledge Must I also found a beautiful home without going through the usual hustle of dealing with often dubious property agents and paying unjustified amounts of service commissions. After living in India now for the last four months I have the utmost appreciation for Knowledge Must's understanding of cultural immersion.

•    Carlos Ripoll Ruiz (Barcelona, Spain)