Needs Analysis

Needs AnalysisNeeds Analysis is a way of gathering the information we need in order to understand your individual objectives, your present status, and what measures should be taken to make you achieve your goals. It helps us to identify your developmental needs, to indicate the most effective intervention to succeed in your individual endeavours, and to track your progress. The details of your individual intercultural solutions are then decided upon in close consultation with you. As your needs evolve the solutions are modified and fine-tuned accordingly.

Special skill assessment modules assure to evaluate your abilities, interests, personality, and help you identify areas that need further attention so that you can constantly strive for improvement. We will measure your skills against the skill set required for effectively achieving your particular objectives. Analysing your needs comprehensively is what allows us to closely tailor our services to meet your precise requirements and to reach your individual goals.

With our in-depth knowledge of culture and socialisation issues as well as our wide range of intercultural solutions, Knowledge Must is perfectly suited to help you achieve your objectives. Our full-fledged Integrated Solutions - ranging from language and cultural training, over work and study experiences, to logistical support such as accommodation and travel arrangements - contain all the tools you require to successfully cross cultural boundaries.