Sound Tamasha

Our venture Sound Tamasha is an event series promoting the exchange of determined artists from the music scenes of India, China, and Europe. Including musicians, DJs, performers, and other creative minds, the driving spirit of the collaboration is to connect across cultures through different forms of musical expressions. By breaking down borders and discovering commonalities in the music they play, the combination of individual talents creates something truly unique.

"Tamasha" is the Hindi word for ‟show‟ or ‟spectacle‟. In the Indian state of Maharashtra, it is a traditional folk art, incorporating singing and dancing, which is performed by Tamasha artists. In colloquial Hindi, Tamasha is used to refer to a commotion or an activity performed with excitement. Unfortunately, over the years, traditional Tamasha has become a rarity in India. The idea to reinvigorate the concept in a modern manifestation has forged a diverse group of international friends. By creating open spaces for all people who want to feel the excitement and the spectacle of a true Tamasha performance, Culture Must is bringing the Tamasha back into the living realm.

The creative energy of the organisers and the ambition to bring artists together to collaborate across cultural boundaries has been highly cherished by all enjoying our planet’s musical diversity. Berlin, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi - these are locations where the Sound Tamasha is organising some of the most memorable music experiences. Feel the excitement and the spectacle of a Tamasha performance in its reincarnated form!

For more information visit the Sound Tamasha Website.