Designing and Executing Events

Culture Must assists individuals as well as organisations to design and execute events. According to your individual needs and objectives, we offer strategic direction, conceptual design, implementation, and leadership for a wide variety of artistic and cultural activities. With our support, events are carefully designed and executed in complete professionalism and style. Our experience in planning, organising, and evaluating major cultural activities is extensive and covers all parts of the cultural sector: from supporting artists and galleries, over planning and hosting major events and festivals, to community development and appraising international activities.

Even though we are not a traditional events management company, we do have close links with a wide range of relevant organisations that allow us to offer you complete solutions to manage your cultural activities, from visa and travel arrangements for your artists to far-reaching promotion efforts. Knowledge of both international expectations and local culture is the winning combination for providing comprehensive services for any of your events. Our expertise clearly lies in intercultural events, i.e. getting artists to collaborate across cultural fault lines and making audiences experience other cultural streams.

We believe that engagement in cultural and social projects is an investment rather than an expense and is increasingly proving to be a decisive factor in the market. More and more people and organisations are discovering the positive impact cultural activities have. Your cultural activities can directly lead to an image-promoting competitive advantage. Internally, these activities can also strengthen communication among your constituents and promote the culture of your organisation. Our visionary approach to cultural events also helps organisations to generate community participation, develop true partnership amongst relevant agents, establish pathways to harness intercultural potential, and build powerful and emotional brand loyalty.