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With our division Culture Must, we at Knowledge Must make you experience the arts and beyond. To appreciate the strength in differences between us and find comfort where we overlap, Culture Must events let you experience the backbones of culture, be it music, visual arts, religion or festivities. With us you will get to know the best that human creativity and intellect has brought about.

Connecting musicians, performers, designers, painters, writers, film makers, photographers, and other artists, Culture Must creates a platform that cultivates and promotes intercultural collaborations. As people convey their thoughts and feelings in many forms of expression, we are host to incarnate creativity beyond established patterns. Without losing each individual’s own standpoint we invite everyone to join a discovery that sets the world in motion and connects cultural circles. Diversity is the true source of our inspiration. When sharing diversity with others, it contributes to creating bonds of understanding. At Culture Must we celebrate diversity every day.

An interplay of artistic differences, Culture Must's Immersion Activities help to familiarise ourselves with the way people of other cultures think and perceive the world around them. Join our events in an atmosphere of mutual exploration, friendship, and happiness. For example, witness the confluence of different traditions of music in our Sound Tamasha event series. As a guide to enrich your experience with Culture Must, we acknowledge the beauty of other traditions and customs with the same enthusiasm as our own.

Years of diverse experience in all functional areas and artistic disciplines of cultural exchange allow us to offer our clients comprehensive services to share culture across borders, from designing events up to their execution. Our clients include venturous artists, like music and dance ensembles, and organisations, such as hotels, exhibition halls, and educational institutions. But also cities, regions, and countries are more than ever required to develop creative cultural programmes to keep up with society and forthcoming developments.

Embrace Diversity!

We invite you to learn more about Culture Must's services:

India Summer Program 2012

India Summer Program 2012: Studies in Indian Language, Culture, and Society. July 15th 2012 to August 11th 2012. New Delhi, Varanasi, Rishikesh, Alwar

What Our Clients Say

I have been to some of Culture Must's events such as the Berlin Sound Tamasha series and it was definitely always worth going, may it be concerts, exhibitions or parties. What I really liked the most was the welcoming atmosphere and the mixed crowd that you can meet there. It's not a purely expat crowd, it's not 100% desi either, and I think that's what makes the difference.

•    Priyanka Acharya (New Delhi, India)