Platform for Cultural Exchange

Culture Must provides a platform for reflection, discussion, network building, and resource mobilisation in the fields of media, arts, humanities, heritage, and intercultural exchange. We further cultural exchange by stimulating and facilitating contact between people of diverse backgrounds. For us, exchange is always a two-way street. We do not believe in lopsided cultural flows and make it a point to provide a stage to even the most marginal forms of artistic expression.

Our Culture Must Team initiates and organises debates, discussion forums, and lectures as well as concerts, exhibitions, exchange programmes, and other collaborative projects with the creative minds of our world. We create an atmosphere open to sharing cultural values through the arts by celebrating cultural holidays, festivals, and much more. We recognise the power of artistic and cultural expression to enrich human lives by provoking reflection, stimulating creative solutions to societal challenges, and illuminating the conditions necessary for achieving change. Arts and culture are vital ingredients for sustainable development, the strengthening of international relations, the pursuit of happiness, and the promotion of intercultural understanding.

Via exchanging artists, experiences, innovations, and moods, Culture Must unites the world. A meeting point of curiosity, delight, and arts shapes a new environment where no one remains a stranger. By presenting the opportunity for community members to learn about their heritage and other cultures, we are not only raising cultural awareness through our knowledge but also fostering greater understanding of other peoples' customs and beliefs. Humanity is like an ocean - we make you experience the unity in humanity's diversity!