Experience the Arts and Beyond

As the world's cultures are connecting, Culture Must provides opportunities for musicians, performers, designers, painters, film makers, photographers, and other artists to collaborate across cultural boundaries. Join Culture Must in an artistic discovery that brings a fresh breeze to intercultural relations. The spectrum of our activities ranges from art exhibitions and film festivals, over music concerts and theatre performances, to lectures and workshops. With us you will access cultural realms through the arts and beyond, and celebrate cultures in all their diversity.

The exchange of traditions, knowledge, and ideas between people of different cultural heritages highlights the educational learning aspect cognisable in the agenda of Culture Must. It is important to know the origins of art to fully appreciate it. That is why we also educate people about their cultural heritage and expose them to the artistic expressions of other cultures.

Art is an expression and creative interpretation of an idea and it can take many different forms and serve many different purposes. It should stimulate our thoughts, emotions, or beliefs through the senses. We invite everybody, young and old, to bring out their creative side and to fuel art with passion. Sharing this passion is a powerful tool for connecting with others. Join hands with people from other cultures. Let us cherish humanity!