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Culture Must provides a platform for artists to exchange their ideas, styles, and influences, while motivating them to present their creative talents. Our approach aims to explore the artistic possibilities that emerge when artists from different cultural backgrounds are positively encouraged to collaborate. And we ensure that artists from the margins of society or practicing marginal arts are made to feel just as welcome.

Rather than offering isolated opportunities we develop close relationships with our artists. We also enjoy excellent relations with representatives of businesses, cultural organisations, foundations, associations, sponsors, philanthropists, and friends of the arts. These relationships ensure that Culture Must can provide artists with a breadth of continuous opportunities. Providing comprehensive, career-long support for our artists is central to Culture Must's philosophy. This strong support keeps our artists' valuable time free for their own creative pursuits. Being part of our network provides a bridge for further professional development and wider international experience. As a direct result of their cooperation with Culture Must, many artists have gone on to work regularly or even permanently with the cultures that we have introduced them to.

Our close contact with nationally and internationally recognised artists and promising new talents is the basis of our work. And we are always eager to sleuth out new trends and get to know new artists. That is why you can find Culture Must on all sorts of cultural events. We invite artists of all cultural background to get in touch with us and learn how we can assist them in their intercultural endeavours, extend their network, find cooperation possibilities, secure sponsorships, set up tours, handle the media, and so on. What we expect from artists is a very open-minded attitude, a curiosity to live among people of other cultures, and a sense of adventure to experiment with their tastes.

If you are interested, please write to artists(at) or fill out our contact form.