Managing Internship Programmes

Most globally operating organisations look for access to high-quality staff with intercultural skills, but do not know where to recruit them. Internship programmes provide them the chance to choose and gradually develop young high potential staff at low cost. Many organisations are willing to offer potential candidates internships as a trial phase, but have concerns about managing their stay and the resulting problems that might ensue. That is why Career Must develops comprehensive internship programmes specifically designed to prepare high-potential, ambitious applicants for your particular organisation.

We work closely with you to manage each aspect of your internship programme, from design to implementation. Career Must will help you locate talented, culture-savvy students and graduates from around the globe, who look for internships to fill a great variety of roles. In case you search for specific native language resources from anywhere around the globe or look for specific skill sets, you will be able to leverage our access to top international students from leading universities worldwide.

Our proven track record and impressive client base speak to the high quality and simplicity of our service. We recruit and screen every applicant to ensure they meet your standards and satisfy your specific skill requirements. You can expect your interns to possess a broad knowledge base, a professional attitude, superior communication skills, and plenty of motivation, all key attributes of high-potential employees.

Career Must not only offers the matching of the two sides, but also acts as trusted facilitator: visa, permit, travel, cultural and language training. Our comprehensive solutions ensure that both the organisation and the intern make the most out of the experience. We also provide interns with a thorough orientation, including necessary information about the host city, culture, and internship to ensure they are ready to hit the ground running as soon as they arrive.

Our internship programmes are designed to support rapid transition and accelerate confidence and functionality. We carefully screen an intern's educational background and skills to match your available opportunities and your specific requirements to make sure the fit is just right. With us managing your internship programme, interns show up at your office and are ready to work from day one.

We will customise an internship programme for your organisation that aligns with your budget. Please enquire with us to receive a proposal for how managing your internship programme will bring value to your organisation.

What Our Clients Say

Our company was looking for two foreign employees that could ease our communications and boost our sales in the European market, but we had a hard time finding a match. We then decided to try Career Must's HR services, and within 3 weeks they found who we were looking for. Throughout the whole process, from the initial contact till signing of the contracts, we were very satisfied with their service.

•    Salim Ali Khan, Sonata Electronics Private Limited (Secunderabad, India)