Locating Talent

For most organisations, the most valuable element in their success is the talent of their staff. But demand for talent is never satisfied. Before you can hire talent, before you can tempt talent with exciting job opportunities, you have to locate this talent. We develop and implement strategies that help you identify and recruit the very best talent for your organisation. Our unmatched professional experience and objectivity in a variety of search and selection processes secure the successful outcome of even the most challenging recruitment campaigns. We manage the recruitment process to meet your requirements and minimise your investment in terms of time and expense.


Assessing Needs

We take time to understand your business and the full scope of each project in order to provide you the best fit. Our collaborative, dynamic, flexible cooperation with your organisation allows us to deeply comprehend your needs, while observing meticulous confidentiality throughout the whole process.


Defining Job Descriptions

Our expertise in intercultural issues allows us to determine what is required to satisfy your particular staffing requirements. We regularly recruit expert professionals with unique cultural skills. That is why we know what to look for in candidates.


Conducting Reconnaissance

Building upon the strength of our company’s diverse network, we can access a unique range of sources for satisfying your staffing requirements. We are able to shorten the length of the search procedure due to our deep understanding of local conditions as well as extensive knowledge of key professionals.


Reaching Out

Your organisation requires quality in the response, not quantity. What sets professionals located by us apart, is that they are not only superbly qualified, but also adept at functioning as intercultural interfaces. Therefore, they will doubtless be of exceptional value to your organisation.

We also recruit expert professionals to satisfy temporary, project-based, or full-time organisational staffing needs. Enquire with us now to locate the best talent!

What Our Clients Say

Career Must has consistently found us amazingly talented interns. All of them had so much energy and potential to learn and grow within our company. Career Must truly listens to our demands and in return always send us outstanding candidates.

•    Xia Guoqiang, Tefu (Shanghai, China)