Assessing Talent

Successful international assignments are a key ingredient of outstanding globally operating organisations, but these responsibilities are not right for everyone. Most organisations emphasise technical abilities when selecting candidates for international assignments and neglect intercultural competencies. Although technical expertise is key, the assessment of intercultural competencies is equally important for selecting the right candidates. A person's ability to adapt, collaborate, and effectively communicate in an intercultural environment can make or break a project. Selecting the best candidates for international assignments is a constant challenge for any organisation and central to increase effectiveness and efficiency as well as enhance retention of well-performing staff.

Career Must helps you to assess the intercultural potential of your present and prospective employees. Our tailor-made assessments employ the latest Assessment Tools in the area of intercultural HR management to gauge the ability of individuals, teams, and organisations to work effectively across cultural boundaries. Career Must understands and evaluates each candidate’s general intercultural competence and personality traits as well as situational factors pertinent to the specific assignment in order to ensure the best possible fit.

Our uncompromising quality standards in evaluating people allow us to confidently advise you on their suitability for the assignment. Knowledge about a candidate’s current state of competence allows for comprehensive preparation of development strategies. We identify areas requiring improvement, while suggesting possible remedial action.

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