Why Work and Study Abroad

Whether you are starting your career, you want to add a key differentiator in your curriculum, or you are simply looking for a radical change, studying and working among people of other cultures can offer you the opportunities that you are looking for. The unique chance to immerse yourself in the daily routine of another culture opens totally new professional and personal perspectives, and helps you to understand the mindsets of people from other cultures. Consequently you will be able to interface effectively with people of diverse backgrounds. Work and study experiences abroad awaken a tremendous potential in you!

What makes working and studying abroad so exciting? It offers dynamic challenges and compelling rewards, such as:

  • Developing skills for living in a culturally diverse and interdependent world
  • Learning languages by immersion
  • Gaining new personal insights
  • Expanding your creativity and cultivating different approaches to problems
  • Understanding developments taking place in other corners of the world
  • Experiencing other cultures (and their architecture, art, history, music, etc.)
  • Developing friendships for a lifetime
  • Confronting you with different conceptions of life
  • Gaining a unique and new appreciation for your native culture
  • Getting a change of scenery from home
  • Satisfying your desire for adventure, exploration, and fun
  • Finding career fulfilment
  • Living a fuller life

Besides, work and study experiences abroad not only broaden your personal experience. They also open avenues for cultural exchange and make a contribution to the peaceful globalisation of humanity.

What Our Clients Say

After I decided to make a new step in my life, Career Must assisted me in finding new professional opportunities in India. Upon enquiry Career Must conducted in-depth research on potential employers and provided me the possibility of several choices for my future working life. I felt that everybody in the consulting team took as much enthusiasm in finding career fulfillment as me. Throughout the process of Career Must's assistance I always felt that I could not have chosen any more reliable guidance to pursue my ambitions. Their outstanding knowledge of the Indian job market helped me find an assignment I could not have found on my own.

•    Laura Piscitelli (Brescia, Italy)