Volunteer Placements

Participating in volunteer projects is an excellent way to become more engaged with the local culture while at the same time providing direct and personal opportunities to contribute constructively. It has never been so easy to make a useful contribution to our world and have the time of your life doing it! Many volunteer programmes declare themselves authentic and beneficial for local communities. However, these promises all too often are not held. Frequently your volunteer work cannot be sustained and will leave the lives of the needy untouched. In contrast, we place our volunteers in internationally recognised and self-governed NGOs and other charitable institutions where you can truly impact the lives of local people - in a highly sustainable manner. You will be involved in the tangible improvement of the living conditions of your host culture.

Whether it will be in India, China or Europe, in grassroots projects or global development initiatives, a huge array of volunteer opportunities are available to fit the experience you are looking for. These opportunities include tutoring in foreign languages, supporting healthcare services, helping to establish community facilities, working with street kids, and protecting the environment. When the day's tasks are done, you will have a tremendous sense of achievement and experience lasting satisfaction. The longer you stay, the higher the rewards as you see the fruits of your labour. And at the end of your volunteer work, you will receive a certificate describing your particular contribution.

Get in touch with us to learn more about volunteer opportunities in your field of interest. To apply for a volunteer placement please fill out our application form or send an email to volunteer(at)career-must.com mentioning all the details requested in the form below. You can also upload upto three files, such as your CV, scans of certificates you hold or letters of recommendation. The maximum file size per upload field is 10MB. If you want to send us larger files please contact us before.

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What Our Clients Say

I came to know about Career Must from a friend of mine who recommended trying them out, because I had already spent a whole month searching for an internship opportunity without success. After contacting them, within days I received 4 offerings and also some general advice about my CV and Letter of Motivation. After another week I had found just the right thing for me, and I have to say that asking Career Must for help was really a good idea, because it saved me a lot of time and they got me exactly the internship I was looking for.

•    Claudia Stimmer (Salzburg, Austria)