Internship Placements

At Career Must we arrange internships for individuals interested in obtaining experience in the Indian and Chinese work environments, thereby fostering greater understanding of the cultural differences underlying our globalising world. We customise each and every service according your individual needs, whether you would only like support to identify and secure the most outstanding internship opportunities or you would like to have a complete programme consisting of travel, training, language courses, and accommodation. Get in touch with us to learn more about internship opportunities in your fields of interest and together with us boost your career!


Internships are often a phenomenal stepping stone for launching your career. They provide you with a chance to apply your knowledge to work, to develop your application skills, to gain practical hands-on work experience, and to establish professional contacts for exploring future opportunities. Internships also give you a unique opportunity to get an inside perspective on your target culture, to reinforce your language skills, and to fully immerse yourself in a new environment. Equivalently, for companies they are a good opportunity to recruit culture-savvy staff and to meet aspirants of diverse backgrounds. The experience of not only working in a real-life organisation, but also of doing it in a foreign environment and language, is highly valued by prospective employers.

While we are one of the prime placement agencies for top quality internships in India and China, we are different from other internship facilitators. Our internship placement solutions are carefully structured around your individual career goals and are coordinated and supervised by experienced consultants, who have experienced other cultures the same way you are planning to. That is why our team has first-hand knowledge regarding the potential benefits, your expectations, your potential concerns as well as the problems that might ensue in the process.

We understand that the internship choice is critical to your career prospects.  For this reason, we work closely with you to identify and pursue opportunities appropriate to your specific interests. Because of our extensive network, industry expertise and proven track record, we are able to secure hard-to-get internships for virtually all of our applicants. The entire placement exercise is a joint effort between you and Career Must. What is most important to understand about our placement process is that you are in complete control at all times. You choose your field of interest, the type of organisations to which you would like to apply, and whether or not to accept the internship offer you receive.

Our services include:

  • Developing a custom-designed internship to meet your individual requirements
  • Organisation and facilitation of the internship 
  • Full support in the phase of preparation before the internship
  • Orientation package prior to departure
  • Supply of an internship contract to define the terms and conditions for the internship placement
  • Assistance with visa procurement
  • Liaison between you and your educational institute as required
  • Support in finding a suitable accommodation
  • Ongoing monitoring of progress and quality of placement
  • Professional staff assistance 24/7
  • Issuing a certificate upon successful completion of the internship 

Career Must even offers you a money-back guarantee. We guarantee that we will place you in an internship in your field of interest. In the highly unlikely event that we do not succeed to place you in an internship that meets your specifications by the designated placement deadline, you will receive a full refund - no questions asked.

Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities are available in a wide range of functions and industries. We help you find the internship placement that you are looking for, whether in education, communications, hospitality, engineering, or finance, whether you would like to work in business, non-governmental organisations, educational institutes, or the public sector. 

Samples of fields of work our interns chose in the past:

  • Advertising 
  • Arts
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Design
  • Development Work
  • Education and Teaching
  • Event Management
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Finance
  • Health and Medicine
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Institutional Cooperation
  • Legal
  • Marketing 
  • Media
  • Music
  • Non-Profit
  • Photography
  • PR
  • Publishing
  • Real Estate
  • Research and Science
  • Sports
  • Technology

Career Must has successfully built up relations to leading organisations across different sectors. These are some of the organisations where Career Must Alumni have done their internships in the recent past:

  • Anhad
  • Butterflies - Programme with Street and Working Children
  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
  • Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group
  • DK Agencies
  • Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME)
  • Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation
  • Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
  • Hanns-Seidel-Foundation
  • Heinrich-Böll-Foundation
  • Himalaya Action and Research Centre
  • Hindustan Times
  • Indo-German Chamber of Commerce
  • Max Mueller Bhawan
  • Roger Renberg Photography
  • SJ Designs
  • Sulabh International
  • Vimhans Hospital

Whatever your field of interest, we find you the best organisations in your segment!

Placement Fee

Career Must provides unmatched value to you with our internship placement fee of EUR 500.00. The placement fee for your internship consists of two parts:

  1. A deposit of EUR 250.00 to initiate the internship search. Please make sure we receive the deposit in full after acknowledging your application.
  2. A fee of EUR 250.00 to confirm that you accept the internship placement we propose to you.

We offer you multiple options for payment, including Paypal payment facilities or getting a bank cheque or international money order issued in the name of Knowledge Must. All our fees are quoted in Euro. If you would prefer to pay in U.S. Dollar, Renminbi, Indian Rupees, or any other currency, please let us know.

For your successful internship placement we will put in many hours of work. Before the start of your internship, a lot of energy is invested in negotiations with institutions, companies, and officials. Often we have to run many errands to get documents approved. We also assist you with your visa application, help you to plan your stay, etc.

The internship placement fee includes:

  • Internship consultation fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Developing a custom-designed internship to meet your individual requirements
  • Organisation and facilitation of the internship 
  • Full support in the phase of preparation before the internship
  • Orientation package prior to departure
  • Supply of an internship contract to define the terms and conditions for the internship placement
  • Assistance with visa procurement
  • Liaison between you and your educational institute as required
  • Support in finding a suitable accommodation
  • Ongoing monitoring of progress and quality of placement
  • Professional staff assistance 24/7
  • Issuing a certificate upon successful completion of the internship

Other Expenses

All other expenses like insurance, visa fees, flight tickets, accommodation, local transport arrangements and food have to be met by the intern. We strongly advise our interns to sign up for health and travel insurance beforehand and to consult a doctor for necessary medical advice, for instance, regarding recommended inoculations.

Internship Placement Process

To facilitate an internship, we need detailed information about your wishes and interests as well as about the period of time you wish to spend on the internship. To secure your internship we are following a three-pronged internship placement process.

1. Application:

  • Complete the online application form or apply via email at and attach a CV outlining your educational qualifications, work experience, and skills. This CV will be shown to prospective employers, so make it a one to two page professional document that is a truthful representation of your experience and skills.
  • Letters of recommendation, such as from past employers or academic supervisors, are considered an added benefit.
  • Deadline: All applications should be submitted at least one month prior to your preferred starting date. However, the earlier you apply, the higher the chances for securing the best internships.

2. Acceptance:

  • After submitting your application, we will review it and send you a confirmation in less than a week. If your background meets the basic requirements, we will confirm accordingly and send you an invoice by email. We will also ask you to send us a copy of your valid passport and a cover letter (maximum one page) outlining your objectives for this internship and the core areas you are interested in.
  • Once you have qualified for an internship placement, a deposit of EUR 250.00 (included in the total payment of EUR 500.00) should be made, upon receiving of which we begin the process of finding a suitable placement and arranging all the other details of your internship.
  • We will search for an internship according to the preferences you indicated in your application. Although we give a timeframe of one month for the search, in reality a placement is generally achieved considerably faster. In case no position has been found after the one month period, we offer to refund your deposit or can continue the search.

3. Enrolment:

  • When we find you an internship, we begin coordinating the interaction between you and your prospective employer. You can decide to accept the position or we can continue the search for a position that better fits your career objectives. 
  • When you are happy with the internship that we propose to you, you will secure your position by paying the balance of EUR 250.00. 
  • Once you agree to an internship, you will receive a notification of acceptance from the organisation, which is referred to as the internship agreement. This agreement generally shows the name of the organisation you will be working for, explains the broad contents of your internship, and specifies the duration of your contract.
  • Latest, upon the placement confirmation you must apply for a visa to the concerned country's embassy or consulate. The earlier you start the visa application process, the safer it is.

Payment Policies

Your placement fees for your internship consist of two parts: a deposit of EUR 250.00 and a balance fee of EUR 250.00. In the very unlikely event that we are unable to find the placement that meets your specifications, the full deposit of EUR 250.00 will be refunded to you. Once we found one or more organisations for you, you have the opportunity to interact with your potential employer and both sides will decide if they see a fit or not.

In case you do not like the offer we make you, we can search for another one or refund your deposit. However, your reasons for turning down our offer should not conflict with the specifications you gave us in the application form. If you withdraw from the placement before accepting any offer from our side, we will need to keep the deposit to compensate for the many hours of work we have put into your placement.

The balance fee confirms that you accept an internship placement offer and will be due 28 days before your internship start date. If you cancel your internship after you accept an internship placement offer, you are not entitled to a refund of any part of the EUR 500.00 placement fee.


Some organisations pay an allowance to cover living expenses, flight and/or accommodation. The allowance varies, depending on the location and position that you will be assigned to. These stipends are paid only to meet your daily expenses and are not considered to be a salary. However, a large share of internships is unpaid. As such, we cannot guarantee anyone a paid internship. If you require a paid internship in order to be able to cover your living costs, then you may still request a paid internship from us and we will try our best to secure one for you in your field of interest.

At many prestigious organisations, the number of applicants far exceeds the number of available positions, so employers receive highly talented applicants without needing to offer them any remuneration. NGOs often rely on volunteer work as they have to minimise their overhead costs in order to focus on their particular objectives and to be able to secure further funding. Many other organisations consider their investment in training the interns as sufficient compensation and do not offer any additional support. Further, internships offered outside of the Western world are frequently unpaid because many organisations simply cannot allocate any budgets to pay interns.


Tolerance and openness are basic prerequisites if you want to apply for an internship through us. However, there are certain further requirements applicants need to satisfy in order to apply.

Applicants must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Holders of valid passports
  • Able to meet your expenses such as costs of living, placement fees, insurance, visa fees, and transportation
  • Fluent in English or the particular language used by your prospective employer (e.g. English or Hindi in New Delhi, or Mandarin Chinese in most of China)
  • Willing to engage in exchange with other cultures

Depending on the prospective employer, specific skills might be required as well. For example, some organisations consider local language skills as a key factor in their intern selection process. Time is another important selection criterion. Host organisations tend to assign more responsibilities to interns who are willing to invest more time in their internship, making the resulting experience more rewarding for both sides.

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Apply for an Internship Placement

To apply for an internship placement please fill out our online application form by clicking the button below, or send an email to intern(at) including your personal information and any documents you deem helpful for us to asses you. Thank you!

What Our Clients Say

My internship in Heidelberg was largely research-based and I worked on projects dealing with the kind of problems multinationals face. I also had the opportunity to broaden the company's understanding  of India as a result of which they might soon open an office in Delhi. This internship was a very rewarding experience that has already opened many doors to me.

•    Rishi Dutt (Mumbai, India)