Career Counselling

Based on a thorough Needs Analysis, Career Must offers you the best Career Counselling to match your needs. People often do not reach their goals because they simply do not define them or deem their goals to be unachievable. Committed to your talents and abilities we consult you in defining personal goals that lead you towards self-fulfilment. The purpose of our Career Counselling is to encourage you to clearly define what you want to do, equip you for the journey, and then challenge you to go for it. We start you on cultural journeys with motivation, insights, knowledge, tools, and opportunities that will help you craft your personal success.

Our Career Counselling also entails assisting you in developing a set of top-notch application documents. An excellent visual and contextual impression of your documents will certainly give you a competitive edge. Moreover, the formats of application documents vary across cultures and should be adjusted accordingly. We will check your cover letter and CV for relevant content, correct structure, spelling, grammar, layout, and cultural compatibility. We will correct mistakes, point out areas for improvement by giving practical examples, and thus ensure the overall consistency of your application documents. With this help you will be able to compile a top notch cover letter and CV. Our professional revision will ultimately help you to obtain the internship or job position you desire.

Our team of qualified professionals, who understand the difficulties of international career choices, offer appropriate counsel to each individual. Seasoned experts assist you in making the right decisions among numerous choices related to your own career and life. Together we will find out where to go, what to do along the way, and who you will be sharing the adventure with. Widen your choices with our guidance!