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Career Platform

Our Career Platform clearly specialises on intercultural skills. It bridges the gap between employers who want culturally fluent staff and individuals with outstanding intercultural capabilities who seek to apply and deepen their skills. We established this network to facilitate the process of matching organisations with the people who have the key intercultural skills required. The foundation for our Career Platform are people with outstanding intercultural abilities. We invite all individuals and organisations to join hands with us.


By joining our Career Platform you will not be just a nominal member in our database. We highly value all our members, whether they are students, graduates, or professionals, and offer them a platform to network which will be useful to further their career prospects. We invite people of outstanding intercultural skills to join our talent pool. Whether you are a student with specific language skills or a seasoned expert in intercultural facilitation, you will benefit from borderless career opportunities, find unique job opportunities, access wide networks of potential employers, and meet and communicate with them.

Candidates please send your CV to platform(at) in order to join our Career Platform. We will contact you once a relevant opportunity arises.


Most organisations experience the employment process as a time- and cost-intensive procedure, especially so for finding the right candidate to fill their open positions that require intercultural skills. Organisations seeking this talent may need to broaden their searches and access new networks, or try different approaches to recruiting. Career Must has deep and strong candidate networks, particularly for key intercultural skills, be they in terms of language, cultural expertise, or managing diverse teams. Our talent pool comes from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, from fresh graduates to seasoned experts.

We invite organisations to enter their intercultural opportunities into our database by sending their job profiles to platform(at) We will try to match your needs accordingly and will get back to you.

What Our Clients Say

Knowledge Must covers all the aspects of a successful internship. Taking part in their individualised inter-cultural training prior to my internship, I started my work experience with a great awareness of office hierarchies, Indian work ethics, gender issues and traditions. Thanks to my wonderful colleagues and my newly acquired knowledge I have the impression to work in an amicably and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

•    Udo Renke (Seelow, Germany)