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With our division Career Must, we at Knowledge Must assist students and professionals to build an international career and provide organisations with the best in career and Human Resources solutions. Career Must's platform directly interlinks requirements to select highly qualified personnel for organisations and rewarding work prospects for outstanding job seekers. We help to bring the right people together, even across the largest cultural gaps, and handle the ensuing complexities in an effective and efficient manner.

Unlock Your Potential!


Solutions for Individuals

In the light of increasing globalisation, an ever rising number of people experienced in working across cultures is sought after. To gather this experience, more and more individuals decide to learn other languages, travel abroad, and work in other countries. We offer you all these opportunities and more. We invite you to learn more about our Career Solutions for Individuals, whether it be a thorough Career Counselling, Internship Placement, or Study Abroad programme. We guide you towards the direction that is right for you!


Solutions for Organisations

In today’s environment of increasing global diversity and cross-border mobility of people, organisations encounter ever new challenges. Managing a global workforce requires heightened awareness, in-depth knowledge, and innovative leadership. Many organisations are reporting that their number one constraint on growth is the inability to hire workers with the necessary skills. Since talent will never catch up with the demand for it, we supply you our knowledge, resources, and experience to meet your HR needs. Please learn more about what our HR Solutions can do for your organisation, be it in terms of locating, assessing, or developing talent. We will help you to attract, motivate, develop, and retain the right employees for your organisation!


Career Platform

For employers as well as employees the hiring process is often a time- and cost-intensive procedure. With our Career Platform Career Must provides an arena for connecting intercultural, multilingual, flexible, and ambitious job seekers from a diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds with outstanding employers who value these unique skills and offer exciting career opportunities. We find the right match for you!

India Summer Program 2012

India Summer Program 2012: Studies in Indian Language, Culture, and Society. July 15th 2012 to August 11th 2012. New Delhi, Varanasi, Rishikesh, Alwar

What Our Clients Say

I am writing to thank you for the perfectly organised Study Abroad programme. Without your assistance with the bureaucratic nightmare I would never have been able to study in China.

•    Liu Yu-Chih (Victoria, Australia)