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Your organisation needs passionate workers who identify with your mission and dedicate their career. Satisfying this demand for suitable staff becomes even more difficult when operating across cultural boundaries. Employers face an increasingly diverse workforce. People of different backgrounds have sociological and cultural tendencies that lead to different attitudes about workflows, workplace relationships, and other key variables.

The notorious failure rate of assignments that cross cultural boundaries has become legendary. Many people terminate their assignment prematurely because of the difficulties in adjusting to another culture. Many others do so, because their families face adjustment problems. And of those who stay on the assignment, most do not perform adequately, again because of differing cultural backgrounds. Failure in international assignments can cause damage to an organisation's important stakeholders, be it local employees, government officials, local suppliers, customers, or host communities. Apart from the costs to the organisation, failure affects the assignee as well, be it in terms of a loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, or prestige among peers.

Talent is all around us. Attracting, assessing, and developing that talent is the key challenge facing every organisation. The best resource you can have when facing international challenges is a team of highly skilled people with firsthand knowledge of the target culture and hands-on experience learning and working there. Career Must helps you to secure the right people. We provide professional and creative HR solutions which help you realise your mission through attracting top talent and improving the motivation and retention levels of employees.

Our team is experienced in intercultural Human Resources management and therefore has an excellent knowledge of the cultural framework associated with both the local and international environment. We provide the extra resource you need to drive a focused HR strategy through in a cost effective way. We collaborate with you as one team, drawing on the skills of our local and global network of specialists.

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What Our Clients Say

We are very pleased with the results. Career Must's assessment of the candidates, especially in terms of a cultural fit, was outstanding.  I would highly recommend Career Must's assessment services to other international companies interested hiring India-proof staff.

•    Matthias Krause, Gerber Web Solutions (Berlin, Germany)